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Tommy Williams

Discussion in 'Bassists [DB]' started by Mark Carlsen, Jan 28, 2005.

  1. I was working w.a student the other day on Latin stuff and he wanted to work on "Desafinado",so I said lets listen to the original recording from Getz/Gilberto[1963].
    I asked him if he knew who the bassist was on the recording.He didn't know,and as we listened I remembered doing a search on Tommy Williams name one time on AMG.I have him on a wonderfull album by Art Farmer called "Art", and he plays the melody on the not so coomon tune "So Beats my Heart for You".
    Anyways my point is what ever happened to this guy? He is a great player and do yourself a favor and go get this Art Farmer disc[I think it is on CD now} He is playing w.Tommy Flanagan on piano and Albert "Tootie' Heath on drums and this was recorded in 1960 on the Argo label[#678} It is a swinging album,one of Art's best and you won't believe this cat on bass !!!
    I know he did another record or two w.Getz and he's playing nice and simple on one of the all-time great bossa albums.Talk about the ultimate sideman...Maybe someone has info on what happened to this great player,is he still alive?What other recordings is he on?
  2. Just a quick update:
    I found Tommy on a Kai and JJ album om Impulse and after reading some liner notes found out Tommy worked w.Carmen McRae,Benny Golson-Art Farmer Jazztet,among others.I will be looking for more....
  3. For some reason, I always thought Keeter Betts was on those Getz/Charlie Byrd things.
  4. Yeah listened to the Getz-Gilberto disc again the other day and it is amazing how simple Tommy is playing the bossa's.Almost like playing in 2, but to a latin beat.
    Hey Paul,have you heard this Art Farmer Disc? Did you happen to know Tommy? This cat really plays....
  5. Yeah, that's EXACTLY what the Bossa/Samba thing is. Vic Feldman turned me and Colin Bailey on to Ivan Lins back in the late 80's. That's all I would listen to for years!
    I can't place Tommy for some reason. Like I said, I always thought it was Keeter on those Getz/Byrd things.
    I love Art Farmer, but i'm not familiar with that disc.
  6. dylanjohnson

    dylanjohnson Supporting Member

    Jul 9, 2002
    Morro Bay, CA
    Thats funny you should mention him. Todd Coolman just mentioned Tommy Williams in my lesson with him last week. He described him as a very melodic soloist. Mentioned his work with Art Farmer. I wasnt sure if he meant Jazztet stuff or not. I will have to check him out.

  7. I gotta hear this guy.