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Tone Difference: JB-2 vs L2000

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by bgavin, Nov 13, 2004.

  1. Would those with experience with both, please post their observations here?

    I'd like to hear what users consider the differences between these two basses.

    I have lots of experience with: J-fretless, L1500, MIM-P, RB5, and SR5 for comparision purposes.
  2. Oddly enough, I'm trying to figure out which bass will be my #1. The L2000 is my go to bass but the JB-2 I recently picked up is very good also. For the style of music I am playing right now, ultimately either is a good choice.

    The JB-2 IMO is like a Jazz tone but a little more agressive. Made to last forever and a finish to drool on.

    The L2000 is animal within itself. It is very versatile in tone range. With high output pups and cuts through in a band/live setting. It is everything you have read and probably more.

    At this point, if I had to choose one it would go to the L2000 for versatlity. But then again that JB-2 is very good. :p
  3. the sb-2 looks cool. I really dig that "clear orange" color. I think I would like an SB-2 fretless in clear orange with vintage mintage pickguard. or black?

    do those any of those MM style pups ahave a toggle that "splits" the coils to make it that "plural" P-bass sound?
  4. gojirin


    Oct 11, 2004
    Either play darn nice, but the pu's on the 2000 give you a lot of options. I had a 2500, but let it go as it was too heavy for me. I'm not sure in the time I had it I figured out all the sounds it had...
  5. I've never found anything that can do a P, except a P.

    The single MM pickup (my L1500) is a snarling monster, and certainly no P-bass tone. My brief stint with a Stingray-5 was the same. No P-tones lurking in the SR5 either.

    I went all down this road with my RB5, and finally off'ed it, because I couldn't get anything but a J tone from it. Even with flats it sounded like a vintage J with flats.

    Since I have a P (my main player) I don't need another P-bass. I have a J-fretless, am wondering about either a JB2 or L2000. If I could get G&L to build me an L2500 on an all ash body, I'd probably go that way.. I have no 5'ers anymore.
  6. To bgavin:

    I have been told by G&L that if you order the L2500 with a transparent finish they make the body entirely of ash.

  7. Z-Bass


    Apr 22, 2004
    Pittsburgh, PA
    I'm curious about the JB-2 as well. I've done a search and there seems to be a lot of unknowns or uncertains. Any recent reviews or opinions? It seems they've combined a lot of positive aspects of the different jazz specifications over the years. Pickup noise seems to be a consistent issue, however, a good shielding job or replacement pickups should address that.
  8. That makes sense, as the forestry data says that basswood (back) is not suitable for clear finishes.
  9. Alright, here is my first attempt to review a bass. :meh:

    The bass in question. JB-2
    Body wood. Swamp ash
    Fretboard. Rosewood
    Finish. 3 Tone Sunburst w/matching headstock
    Weight. 8.5lbs
    Mods. Nope, all factory.

    Ok, description of the bass is complete.

    Fit and finish is typical G&L quality.

    Finish is exceptional: smooth, clean and burst effect faded with care. Matching headstock finish applied and faded to perfection to match the body.

    Hardware. Tuning keys are custom G&L "Ultra-Lite" with aluminum tapered string posts. Bridge is a G&L Saddle Lock.

    Neck is attached by 6 bolts with no neck plate. Neck to body fit is really tight.

    The unseen.

    Tone. I A/B'd it against my best sounding Fender Jazz (Noel Redding MIJ). Sustain was about the same, but the tones were cleaner and defined on the G&L. The JB-2 had more growl to it than the Jazz. Controls were also more responsive to adjustment. The Jazz seemed muddy in comparison.

    The jazz had the pups replaced by Basslines and the strings are not of the same manufacturer of the G&L. Same amp used, a ampeg porta combo 12".

    Now I know I am partial to G&L products, but the tone tells the story. Blind testing will come up with the same results for me.

    Hope I covered what is needed.
  10. Bass Review Pix



  11. chiplexic


    Apr 21, 2004
    No Basswood used in any USA G&L's as far as I know...Ash on premium finish choices and Alder on standard finish choices.
  12. FireAarro


    Aug 8, 2004
    This is correct.
  13. Sorry, but Basswood/Tilia are the same.

    Tilia Americana (Linden)

    G&L publishes that every 5-string uses a Tilia back with a different top.
  14. That is one gorgoeous looking bass, fenderjazz68 !!! :cool:

    I absolutely love sunburst finishes.

    I've never played a G&L; I have to get around to it.

  15. Z-Bass


    Apr 22, 2004
    Pittsburgh, PA
    You sure did, thank you very much. Great looking bass by the way. I would think the rosewood board would compliment the ash body in the tone department.