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    Feb 8, 2020
    Hi there - guitar and bass player here. I mostly play rnb/funk on bass but I'm playing modern prog metal/djent (plini, intervals) on bass for a gig next - i play lots of prog metal on guitar. Heard good things about the Darkglass B7K so I'm thinking of getting a used one and copping some settings from Youtube. For the gig (indoors) I'll likely be DI-ed live into the mixer.

    I have an Ibanez 5 string SR, and pedals such as the Wampler Ego and Strymon Timeline/Mobius on my guitar board if those can help. Using fingers for half the songs and pick for the other half.

    Any advice? Thanks
  2. I would go with the X7 over the B7K, simply because the distortion is a lot better, both low gain and high, and the whole sound is just a lot more cohesive due to the compressed lows and distorted highs
  3. I guess depends on what tuning? If just standard Beadg you could be alright,... most bands of that genre I can think of the bass just supports with “oomph” and its usually the guitars that get the djent tone- but yeah the sound that comes to mind is that cross over low and mid clean “boom” with ultra distorted highs.
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    Feb 8, 2020
    We're doing BEADG half step down, yes. Thanks for the replies.
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