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  1. pickups

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    Mar 31, 2011
    Finally played a few gigs on my new TH 500 and its a cool little amp. Sounds good, has a nice midrange with my DB 112. I still like my AG500 better it just has the sound i love but the Th 500 is really cool. The drive feature is very nice and the size of this amp makes me feel guilty on load ins. It is so light and small that i started helping the keyboard player with one of his keyboards just so the band doesn't get too jealous. Even tho the sound isnt as big as my AG500 i still have no problem using this amp on most gigs from now on and the sound guys really like the head. People say this amp sounds a lot like the DB751 but i’ve never played a DB751 so i wouldn't know, but would love to do a sound comparison one day.
  2. Glad you like the head. I own both the db751 and TH 500. They are deff both "Aguilar" and do sound kinda similar.

    The db751 is a tiny bit less bright up top, a bit thicker & warmer sounding overall and has has the crazy power to "command" (dampening factor?) cabs unlike any amp I've played.

    The TH 500 is my favorite "micro" head.
  3. I thought you were describing my wife.

    Davo :D
  4. pickups

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    Mar 31, 2011
    Thanks. I figured their had to be a huge difference to justify the price of the DB751 compared to the TH500.
  5. I have the TH500 and db750. The difference to me is that although the TH500 sounds great, (and in fact probably gets at least ten times as much use), the db750 has just an amazing effortless sound. No matter how much, or how hard, I dig in, it's fat, loud, clean Aggie sound.
  6. pickups

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    Mar 31, 2011
    i would love to have a db751 but i got the TH500 so i wouldnt have to carry the AG500 around to gigs. So to get a 40lb DB751 i would have to have a house gig where i could leave it. I do miss the beef of the AG500 but the TH500 still has a nice sound.