SOLD Tone Monster SBK-2D Preamp

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  1. Herbie Chesnutt

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    Mar 19, 2010
    Wake Forest, NC
    North Carolina
    Two band preamp with volume, pan, and stacked bass/treble. Comes with chrome knobs.

    Installed briefly in a TMB100. Going passive instead.

    Price include USPS shipping to the lower 48. PayPal only please.

    IMG_20190618_125555.jpg IMG_20190618_125601.jpg
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  2. Malak the Mad

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    If figures! I was thinking of getting this exact preamp about a month ago! :rolleyes: Instead, I went with one of the newer, 3-pot SEB preamps. If this one is as good as the one I bought, it should serve someone who wants a fairly straightforward, 2-band/2-pickup system quite well.

    Supposedly, one can coax more "headroom" (whatever that exactly means :unsure:) by turning it into an 18-volt system.
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  3. Cardsfan_69


    Jan 21, 2019
    I'll take it.
    PM me PayPal info, please.