Tone Pot for Sterling Sub Series Bass Questions

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    Jul 1, 2017
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    I have a Sterling by Musicman SUB series bass, 4 string, active electronics. This is the 300$ model. With less than 5 months of playing, the volume pot goes way south. I first blew it out with compressed air, it got better. Then it got worse. Used a small amount of Deoxit, it got better, then it got worse. Cutting out worse. Used more Deoxit. No good. New pot time. A few days after the new volume pot was installed, my treble tone control starts getting a little scratchy... I'm ready to execute a preemptive change out on the remaining pots.

    Anyhow, the tone control pots are 100K, center detent, minis.
    Does anyone know if these are linear or audio taper? From the meager amount of part number, I think they are linear.

    Also, I'm having trouble finding something other than a Alpha replacement. I really don't want to go that way. Has anyone placed a resister of the proper value in parallel with a 250K pot and had good results?

  2. Anything with a center detent is linear.
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