Tone pots have no effect (Rickenbacker)

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  1. Hello everyone. So I just installed my wiring harness in my Rickenbacker 4001, and for some reason my tone pots are having no effect. I know all my soldering joints are good, so I'm kinda at a loss. I was thinking that maybe when I'm pushing and affixing my pickguard the caps' leads are somehow touching the back of the pot, but I put shrink tubing on them so I'm not sure how that would happen. Could this originate from the pickups by chance? Any thoughts on this would be appreciated.
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    Unless you damaged the pots during soldering, the next thing to do is double/triple check your wiring.

    EDIT: I didn't post an image. There must have been a deleted post after mine.
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    Rickenbacker have these strange schematics, and TBH I don't agree with them:

    This is how a treble cut (tones) pot should be wired, to avoid using shrink tubing:

  4. Thanks. What you're showing me there is a bit confusing to me. The caps are wired to an outside lug to the pickup switch, but I should ground the cap instead of running it to the switch? I don't think I've ever seen that done with Rics before. The only alternative wiring I've seen is shown on the seymour duncan schematic.
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    I don't agree with the S.D. drawing either:


    It's just bad practice to put a capacitor between two pots.

    Soldering the cap between ground & the pot wiper just moves it to the other side of the resistance, but should not change the sound.
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