Tone to compliment an acoustic set?

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  1. I've been playing a lot of acoustic punk type songs and ballads with the guitar player. What kind of tone compliments an acoustic guitar? If its easier maybe I should ask what kind of tones should I avoid? Right now I'm just playing a Pstyle knock off. I'm thinking the neck pickup on a bongo would be nice, but does the bongo have a little too much punch and presence is what I'm worried about.

    MIA P-Bass is probably the bass to suit I just have this grudge against fender.

    So what tone should I be looking for?
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    Take a p and roll back the tone knob....
  3. A P is an excellent choice, but a J would do well, also. Just roll off the bridge pickup and tone knob a bit to get a nice fat sound. Not too much though, I'd still look for definition. Flatwounds would be a good choice but they may be too thumpy. I'd even suggest a fretless with the tone knob on full... bright but not punchy, just a clean high end you could say.
  4. i think a p-bass rolled back sounds a tad sloppy. a jazz pup in teh bridge helps smooth out that chunky thump
  5. A warwick thumb + acoustic - two great woody tones. listen to some early Dave Matthews Band stuff to hear what I'm talking about, it sounds fabulous.
  6. so I should avoid humbuckers?
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    I'd say no, personally. I can get a nice fat sound from my Spector which has dual EMG-Hz pups. I think any pickup combination will work, it's just mostly a matter of EQ, playing style and playing position. JMO.

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    +1 I play mainly with acoustic instruments (although not punk) and this works very well for me. I also use flats FWIW.
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    Go fretless.