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For Sale Tonebone, EQ, Envelope filter and DI

Discussion in 'For Sale: Effects and Pedals' started by powmetalbassist, Sep 8, 2017.

  1. powmetalbassist

    powmetalbassist Supporting Member

    tonebone. eq-filter. Radial DI.

    Selling a few bits. time to thin out the herd.

    Boss GEB-7 EQ pedal - $70 (SOLD)
    DOD FX 25b Envelope filter - $50
    Radial Engineering PRODI Passive direct box - $55
    Tonebone Bassbone (no adapter) - $100

    these prices do not include shipping. I'm located in Eastern Ontario, Canada
    Last edited: Sep 24, 2017
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  2. NickRich


    Oct 13, 2008
    Quebec, Canada
    PMed !
  3. neal davis

    neal davis

    Dec 29, 2006
    toronto canada

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