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  1. el murdoque

    el murdoque

    Mar 10, 2013
    i recently quenched my GAS for amping and use a Tonehammer 500 with two GS212 cabs.
    Now i have a gig coming up where we're playing a larger stage
    and i'll have massive PA support. Since i use a slightly overdriven sound on the Tonehammer, i don't want the bass signal to be taken via DI before it gets into the amp.
    But how does the internal DI sound when the TH is overdriven?
    I know you can't use the signal straight from the guitar amp.
    Will i have to mic the cab?
  2. If you take a post EQ DI (push the button in), then you will be sending the total preamp signal pre master volume (i.e., you can still adjust your volume on stage using the master without making the sound guy nuts).

    Always a mixed bag sending a post DI signal to the board, since the EQ used with your cabs to sound good on stage might have a negative effect through the front of house. If you are really pushing the gain to get the grind, the DI signal will be hot. Just mention to the front of house guy that you would like to send a post DI signal which is pre master volume (he/she will like that) and that he might have to pad down the input a bit more.

    That all being said, in the case where you have a lot of color coming out of your amp, mic'ing is the best way to translate that to the board, but it is IMO worthwhile trying a post EQ send and see what your front of house guy thinks.
  3. el murdoque

    el murdoque

    Mar 10, 2013
    thanks. i want to go easy on the guy since i suspect most other bands' bass-signals will be taken via DI before they get into the amp - since i crank both gain and drive go get some dirt into my signal, i don't want that to be heard on stage only.
    my main question was if that'll sound ok through the PA.
    In comparsion - a guitar amp that's distorted sounds terrible if you just tap the signal out and there's no speaker simulation.
    i guess i'll just check that with our own pa on the next rehearsal.
  4. B-string

    B-string Supporting Member

    If you want your 'exact' sound the cab will probably need to be miked. IF the engineer is good on the FOH he may be able to match the sound you have going post on the DI.
  5. FYI, guitar is a bit different from most bass situations. A guitarist gets much of his/her tone from overdriving low powered tube amps, and even more so from cone break-up in the speaker cabinet. So, guitarists are almost always mic'd up, since there is no way to get that tonality through a DI for the most part.

    With bass, unless you are a super overdriven sort of deal, many bassists (including me) are quite happy with a pure, pre EQ DI signal to the board. For those bassists who like effects, it is quite easy to just put a pedal board between the bass and amp, resulting in the pedals to impact a pre DI signal (i.e., not letting stage EQ mess around with the direct signal, which will be going into yet another preamp at the board). However, a good sound person can deal with a post EQ DI signal from your amp so you can send a bit of 'warmth' to the board. That may or may not sound good to you out of the front of house.

    I would again (from my many years of working with front of house guys and NEVER having an issue) to do your homework, let him/her know you know what you are doing (i.e., mentioning that you would like to send a post DI signal that might be a bit hot and need padding down, and that your master volume control used for stage volume will not effect the level of the send). It is amazing when you have that 60 second discussion how well things usually go:)
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  6. Agreed!
    Whenever a bassist (or anyone else) comes to me with a plan that works, they get whatever they want from my FOH.
    Make the soundman's job as simple as possible and they'll roll with it and concentrate on making you sound good.

    On Friday night my band played a club for the 2nd time and when it was time to hook up my crap I told him I have a tube preamp with a hot but buzz-free XLR out, and we were best friends just like last time. Asked him to keep my mids and highs up fighting it out with our single guitar's tone to get our sound.
    My bass sounded great.