ToneStyler continuity?

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  1. After an hiatus to take care of family issues, I'm back to modding my Epi Accubass Jr. One of the mods is a ToneStyler. After wiring up everything according to instructions, I tried to play.

    Silence.:confused: :mad:

    SO, I took it apart to troubleshoot. I'm no electrician or tech, but I understand where the current is supposed to go and why. That said, when I checked the NEW ToneStyler for continuity, I got nothing.:meh:

    Should I be seeing continuity through the unit? My best guess is yes.

    Help, please?
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    You are going to need current running through it to measure it.
  3. Not sure, but I don't think I need to "measure" continuity. I believe continuity just tells me current will pass through the device.

    Am I wrong?
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    It won't read zero like it would if you are checking for continuity in your ground, but you should read something significantly less than 250K ohms.
  5. OK, now I'm confused. If I check for continuity I hear a tone. BlueTalon, what setting are you using?
  6. You're not getting continuity, because you are trying to check the DCR of a device that has capacitors in it. Capacitors block direct current. Hence, an infinite resistance.

    If you use an analog meter, you may see a momentary deflection of the needle, as probes are connected.
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    Doh! You're right, I wasn't thinking clearly.
  8. Ah, I see. I think.

    What are the chances I got a defective ToneStyler? I'm going to doublecheck the wiring with the schematic and try again.

  9. Arghh. I CAREFULLY rewired everything according to the pbass schematic found elsewhere here and followed the directions for the ToneStyler.

    Zip. Nada. Zilch. No music.

    I can't figure this out, so I guess my next step is to take it to my local tech. What a drag. I read up on ToneStylers and their installation; I thought, how tough could this be?

    I really hate to admit defeat when this should have been pretty straightforward, but there's not much more I can do.

    If anyone has a suggestion, please let me know. I'm most likely seeing the tech Wednesday. TIA!
  10. T-34


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    Can you post photos of your wiring?
    It is possible that beefore your mod, your had wires soldered to the back of the pots to constitute the common "ground". With the TS you don't have this path anymore and it is possible your don't have ground wire going from the jack to the volume pot.
  11. T-34, I'll try to post photos. I do have ground from the jack to the body of the volume pot. I'm not at home, but will make the attempt later. Thanks!
  12. OK, I can't figure out how to upload photos from my ipad. Duh.

    Here's how I wired this, looking at it from the bottom:

    White wire from the pickup to the leftmost post of vol pot.
    Black wire from pickup to common ground, body of vol pot.
    Red wire from bridge to sleeve of jack, ground continues to body of vol pot.
    Tip of jack to middle post, vol pot.
    Right post of vol pot grounded to common, body of vol pot.
    This mimics the essence of the wiring I see on the Seymour Duncan Standard P-Bass schematic, and is, as near as I remember it, virtually unchanged from when I started.

    The ToneStyler's red wire goes to the left post, vol pot.
    The clear and shield wires are grounded to the body of the vol pot.
    This is what I interpret from the ToneStyler directions. (They do not have a *schematic* that I could find on their website, and one did not come with the unit.)

    I'm stumped. Could the vol pot be bad now? I didn't overheat it while soldering, as far as I could tell....

    TIA to any/all who can help.
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    Your wiring description sounds correct. Try disconnecting things one at a time. You suspect the Tonestyler so just disconnect it from the circuit. Any sound now? If there is then the Tonestyler must be bad. If not then the only things left are the volume pot and the pickup so disconnect the volume pot and connect the pickup directly to the output jack. Any sound now? If there is then the volume pot is bad or you shorted the middle lug to ground while you were soldering. If not then the pickup is bad or you have a bad connection to it somehow.
  14. T-34


    Aug 11, 2005
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    This wiring sounds OK to me too...
  15. :hyper: :hyper:

    I finally had some time to devote to troubleshooting this evening. I rewired the circuit w/o the Tonestyler. Still no joy. I then decided to try trading out the vol pot with the tone pot I had replaced. I had my doubts about the vol pot, and it turns out they were correct! I don't know why, but the vol pot had gone bad. Although I was careful about overheating the body during soldering, I suppose it may have suffered from the process. What are the chances of that?

    Anyway -

    The vol pot was an A500k, the tone a B500k, so it appears I traded out an audio taper for a linear taper. I did look at some of the forum's discussion on the pros and cons of each; I think I would prefer an audio taper, but for now the linear one will suffice.

    Thanks to all who made suggestions. This forum is great!

    As far as the Tonestyler goes, I played a bit through my little practice amp, and it sounds pretty interesting. It's late here, though, so I'm calling it quits. I'm going to let the neck begin to re-acclimate to tension overnight, as it had been unstrung for a few weeks, so tomorrow I'll retune and see if it needs to be set up again. :D

  16. T-34


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    Better have faulty $3 pot than $100 Tonestyler :)
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    I'd give that bass more than a day to re-acclimate, bro, especially if you just had a noticeable seasonal change. Just my opinion but I'd wait 2 or 3 days.
  18. xroads


    Nov 6, 2012
    You got lucky indeed, yes!
  19. Thanks, Jimmy, and yes, things here weather-wise are changing. Warming up finally!

    I figured a day would probably let me know if I'd have to do a major setup but certainly three days or even more will have it initially settled back in. I AM looking forward to putting the Tonestyler through its paces.