For Sale/Trade Tons of Good Stuff Including 2 Rare Mint Condition Discontinued Tube Heads - Prices in Post

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    Nov 24, 2022
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    Mint condition unless noted and open to trades for everything:

    - Ashdown 12 band 600 (just a tiny bit a rack rash which isn't visible once in a rack) - $1200
    - Ashdown Little Stubby 30 watt tube head (light markings on top, tubes have less than 3 hours on them- $950)
    - Gallien Krueger Fusion 1200s w/ footswitch - $1250
    - Darkglass Alpha Omega 900 limited edition "centurion" w/ footswitch - $1025
    - Ampeg 4x10 Classic HLF with Horn and matching cover - $500

    The two rare all tube ones (really looking for an EBS 802 to trade for one of them) - the tubes on both have almost no use on then and everything is in perfect condition.

    - Mesa Strategy 8:88 with footswitch and case. Rated at 465 watts but have measured it out putting almost 600 rms all tube. Features hald and quarter power modes, silent recording power sink, 9 band graphic eq, push pull gain boost, 5 distinct preamp voice which are footswitchable (included), solo volume boost and is only about 50 lbs. Discontinued for years and this shows absolutely no signs of wear! $3,200

    -Laney Nexus Tube 400 watt head and matching 8x10 light weight cabinet w/ foot switch. Features both an FET solid state and real tube preamp which can be run separately or blended together for a balance of clarity and warmth. Graphic EQ and 400 watt all tube power section. Cabinet has 8 Celestion neo speakers. This has been discontinued for close to 15 years and not many were made at all. Perfect condition with original tubes which have next to no use on then. - $3,400

    Trades I'm specifically looking for are an EBS 802 the most. Also EBS reidmar 752, Bergantino Forte HP, any barefaced cab (guitar too), US, Canadian (Dingwall) or European basses, porter and davies tactile drum throne monitors, or high gain guitar amps (lunch boxes all the way up to big boys)

    Let me know if you have any questions and feel free to request pictures!

  2. zDay99

    zDay99 Supporting Member

    Nov 24, 2022
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