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Tony In Philly's road trip on the PCH and meet up with TB's own kesslari ! (12/01/18 - 12/08/18)

Discussion in 'Bass Humor & Gig Stories [BG]' started by Tony In Philly, Dec 12, 2018.

  1. Tony In Philly

    Tony In Philly Gold Supporting Member Supporting Member

    Oct 25, 2007
    Filthydelphia, USA
    This is not a Gig Report, but since we've already had a few TB "Bassmigo" meet-ups in the Bass Humor section, I thought I would add mine here as well. I had been planning a trip down the PCH for a while because Laurie (Mrs. Tony In Philly) had an event in the Santa Cruz area and her cousins live in San Luis Obispo. As a result of a few PM's with Jonathan (kesslari), who lives near Santa Cruz, we eagerly agreed to meet up during the initial part of our road trip. Laurie completed her event on Nov. 30 in Scott's Valley and I flew in the next day.

    We met up with Jonathan for breakfast at Spanky's Cafe on Dec. 2 in Ben Lomond. Sorry, no food pics -- we were too busy talking! Jonathan regaled us with his parrot rescue exploits which were of great interest to us. Many parrots outlive their owners due to their longevity. So, we applaud Jonathan for all of his efforts in this noble cause. We next went on a brief tour of the beautiful Santa Cruz Mountains area. We stopped here for a quick photo in Boulder Creek, an old mining town now ornately gentrified.


    After some breathtaking redwood forest touring around the Vajrapani Institute we next headed towards the PCH (Highway 1) and Ragged Point, an isolated resort overlooking the Pacific Ocean.

    I had suspected that I was about to enter a geological wonderland, but little did I know that the California's Central Coast would exceed my wildest expectations.

    We took many photos, but I'll just post a few highlights.

    This is the first time I have ever been near a giant Redwood. The photo was taken at the Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park.


    Here is the view from our room at the Ragged Point Inn.


    We took a hike at Salmon Creek just up the highway on the way to Gorda. Here are some photos Laurie and I took of each other on the trail up one the mountains. We're both 65, but we still have enough energy to do a few trail climbs! It's all part of the vast Los Padres National Forest:

    Los Padres National Forest - Home



    We also stopped at the Elephant Seal rookery near San Simeon. We drove by just as the males were beginning to stake positions on the beach in anticipation of the arrival of the females. You can read all about it and watch their mating season behavior on the live action camera here:

    View the Elephant Seal | Piedras Blancas California


    We were fortunate enough to meet the guys in the Rough House Band at the Ragged Point Inn during their employee Christmas Party. All guests at the inn were invited, too. A very fun time was had by all!

    Incidentally, the Rough House bassist, Mark, said he was a TB'er. I've been searching for his handle but haven't found it yet, so if you see this post, Mark - please let me know!

    Next we drove down to Morro Bay and the famed Morro Rock. I had long wanted to see this natural gem! It's all part of the "Seven Sisters" (or "Nine Sisters," depending on who's counting) chain of volcanic mountains.

    Nine Sisters - Wikipedia

    About The Seven Sisters |


    One of the "Sisters":


    Next we visited Laurie's cousins, who live in SLO. We had a fantastic time. My favorite view in the area was from the Edna Valley Winery:


    The trip lasted a week and the time just flew right by.

    It was great meeting up with Jonathan, and by chance with Mark as well. Sometime in the not too distant future I hope to drop in on the SoCal TB Gig Report Mafia contingent!
    Last edited: Dec 13, 2018
  2. BassCliff


    May 17, 2012
    So. Cal.
    Hi Tony,

    Looks like a great trip. That part of California is beautiful and wondrous. "Majestic" doesn't really describe the Redwoods when you see them in person.

    It's too bad you didn't have time to tool on down the PCH and visit us here in the So. Cal. We don't have redwoods but we have desert, snow in the mountains, and traffic. ;)

    Thanks for sharing your fun with us.

    Thank you for your indulgence,

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  3. growlypants


    Nov 10, 2012
    Hey, Man!! Fantastic!! Is that some magnificent country, or WHAT!?? We've been to Santa Cruz while visiting our son when he lived in San Jose, but he moved to Atlanta a few years ago. Thanks for posting, always good to hear from you - Dan
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  4. nice! I met @kesslari when he was in town here in Austin! He can lay down a perfect bass blues beat and even sing! great guy.
    That picture of the valley is worth the whole price of admission!
  5. kesslari

    kesslari Groovin' with the Big Dogs Staff Member Gold Supporting Member

    Dec 21, 2007
    Santa Cruz Mtns, California
    Lark in the Morning Instructional Videos; Audix Microphones
    It was great meeting you and Mrs TonyInPhilly. :D
    Great pics! I love that you added info links for the various things.
    Elephant seals are HUGE! It's amazing to see the males fighting for females. You don't want to be in the middle of that.

    You definitely hit the "let the good times roll" mark!
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  6. McG

    McG Goat Hill Gamblers

    Oct 6, 2010
    Costa Mesa, CA
    Hey Tony,

    Thanks for posting your very cool road trip and Bassmigos meet up. It really is a pleasure meeting other TBers. :)

    So glad you and the Mrs. were able to visit one of the most beautiful parts of our state. As you discovered, the Redwoods truly are spectacular. :cool:

    Be sure and let us So Cal ne'er-do-wells know when you can make it to our corner of the world. I know we'd all like to meet you. :thumbsup:
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  7. dbase

    dbase Gold Supporting Member

    Jan 3, 2008
    South Jersey, USA..
    I'm wondering ... you did stop to eat ?? Pictures please ;)
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  8. Tony In Philly

    Tony In Philly Gold Supporting Member Supporting Member

    Oct 25, 2007
    Filthydelphia, USA
    Does beer qualify? That's one of my main food groups. :D

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  9. 74hc


    Nov 19, 2015
    Nice bassamigos report. Ragged Point Inn brought back memories. Back in the '80s, the plant I worked at had a week shutdown in the summer. Several of us cycled down the coast highway from San Jose to San Diego. Ragged Point Inn was one of our overnight stops.

    That day, I was lagging behind and stopped to get eat a powerbar and take in some water. It was a road off the coast highway with a small bank on the coast side. I climbed up the bank and sat down to eat and drink. After about 10 minutes, I realized the people below the hill were all naked. It was a nudist colony.

    When I made it to the Inn, I told the rest of the guys about the colony. They wanted to go back.

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