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Tony Levin anyone?

Discussion in 'Bassists [BG]' started by GrizzleDizzle, Nov 25, 2017.

  1. GrizzleDizzle


    Nov 25, 2017
    Hi guys, new member here :) I still don't know all the rules so please bear with me if I post this thread in the wrong category :rolleyes:

    I'm writing a thesis on the great Tony Levin for my bachelor degree in music here in Italy. Do you have any suggestions over what to read and where to find some good infos about the man himself? Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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  2. GrizzleDizzle


    Nov 25, 2017
  3. Have you reached out to him? My experience is that most "great" musicians are just people who would be very happy to talk to you about their path to success as musicians. I love Tony's work, too.
  4. rickdog

    rickdog Gold Supporting Member

    Mar 27, 2010
    Good choice!
  5. I second what LBS says. You can probably contact him through his agent and perhaps he might even agree to a personal interview, or at least to answer some questions you may have that you could email him. A suggestion here is that before you approach him directly you do your background research so you don’t duplicate what you’re already able to find by secondary research. You want to really be able to take advantage of an opportunity to ask questions to Mr. Levin directly.
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  6. biguglyman


    Jul 27, 2017
    Rochester, NY
    I know he's a graduate of the Eastman School Of Music here in Rochester, NY.
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