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Too Many Issues, Too Little Time

Discussion in 'Band Management [BG]' started by danjl131, Apr 30, 2009.

  1. danjl131


    Jun 10, 2008
    ok so my town has a battle of the bands every year. Most bands there play a somewhat heavy style, which I myself usually like. As a guitarist :eek: I played in an alternative rock band with 3 of my closest friends. We weren't heavy, but you could get into it, it had some energy. The band sort of stopped playing after that, but that's no longer an issue as we are all still good friends, its just something that happened.

    Even though I played guitar, I like bass much more in a band setting, I like the role and the sound. I recently started jamming/writing with the other guitarist from the previous band (who happens to be my best friend) on bass. He plays guitar and sings. One song is very very mellow. The other has got some energy to it, but not a lot. We got a drummer with excellent dynamics, time, and groove. Its jazz influenced drums (think Mitch Mitchell). He likes our songs, hes playing with us. We still need to write one or two more songs though.

    I want those songs to have people really getting into it, I dont care if they mosh or not, which they do to the other bands, particularly a very popular one in the town. But thats the thing. The guitarist is very uptight about making sure kids dont mosh. He has his reasons and i can see where hes coming from, but I still somewhat disagree with how uptight he gets about it. It interferes with/restricts some ideas we could be using (he has no problem jamming them at his house). Dont know drummer's opinion, as I only played once with him and never talked about the topic.

    Here's the thing, as a teen bassist playing in front of kids from the town/school, I wanna fit in. Not conform, but not feel out of place either. I have no problem playing the mellow material where it would fit (location/venue-wise), but I feel self conscious about playing it at that type of gig. To top it all off, heres all the pressuring issues:
    -we have roughly 2 weeks to go
    - we need to write 1-2 more songs
    - we need to write lyrics and think of a band name
    - we need to turn a sign up form in on time
    - i wanna be respected by and fulfill the expectations of the audience
    - we have a slight disagreement in the band (with my best friend), im bothered by it more than he knows
    - dont know what the drummer thinks
    - first gig as a bassist

    PS Somewhat relevant, I proposed a band name today: Anomalous. What do u think of that name? (and the other issues of course, please help! thanks)

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