Took delivery of my Schroeder 1210...

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  1. When I ordered the cab, my intention was to replace two SWR Goliath Jrs. with the 1210. I was looking for a single cab with lots of cut, as the scooped sound of SWR was making it hard for me to hear myself in the mix. I use a Modulus Flea 4 and an Ashdown ABM500. I received the 1210 yesterday and so far my impressions are:

    - Jorg is a cool guy to deal with

    - Cabinet was really well packed (undamaged as far as I've seen)

    - Top notch construction

    - Seems loud, but I haven't been able to put it through it's paces yet

    - I was a little disappointed by the weight. The estimated weight as listed on website was 47lbs., and mine comes in at 56lbs (according to my crappy bathroom scale). While 56 isn't bad, I was really looking for to 47 :)

    - My impression of the sound so far is favorable:

    - More "agressive" than "sweet", though not harsh
    - Tweeter is nice! (SWR sucks)
    - Seems like an emphasis on the lower-mids
    - More "focused" than "open"
    - I think I heard what has been called the "drone", but for me the point is very moot; you won't hear that in the mix

    I seems like this should cut through the mix really well, but I'll post when I get to try it in a band context. I'm hoping/thinking this cab should work great :hyper:

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    nice wally,

    good to hear a straight up answer, without having to wade thru the mega thread... :cool:
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    Let us know how it performs in a band situation. What kind of music do you play? And what kind of guitar amps are you battleing?
  4. Believe me ... this cab cuts. Congrats.