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  1. Guiseppe


    Oct 26, 2003
    Vancouver, WA
    I've got a new set of Fralin's that I'm installing in my new Warmoth J body. As much as I loved the look of my Geddy, it was the feel of the neck that I'm really in love with (although I dig the blocking, too). This bass is LIGHT. My back is already loving this axe. Just for the curious sake, here's the body:


    Anyways, WHAT TOOL do you pro's use to feed the wire for the neck pickup down to the cavity? I've tried to feed the wires by themselves, feeding a paper clip through, etc. Any suggestions on your past experience that would help a newbie? (On a side note, this is the "chambered" hollowbody J body - I'd thought I'd fed enough wire through to get to the cavity, then realized that I'd apparantly fed the wire into the "hole" and then was feeding it INSIDE the body - not to the control cavity...dolt!)

    I know it can be done (the luthier who shaved the neck pocket and shielded the cavities DID run a ground from the neck pickup cavity to the control cavity).

    NOTE: I can get the bridge wires fed w/ no problem. It's just the hairy angle for the neck pickup that is being a pill.

    As always, thanks for any and all tips! Sure is great having all the "big brothers" with the experience to share!

    Happy New Year,
  2. When it is really tricky I feed a piece of solid wire from the cavity side into the pickup cavity. Then I will actually solder the leads to the wire and then pull them through. A 12" piece of insulated hookup wire is ideal. I prefer solid to stranded because I can preshape it to make a bend in the channel and it holds it's shape better.
  3. Guiseppe


    Oct 26, 2003
    Vancouver, WA
    sounds "doable". Do you do all 3 wires simultaneously, or one at a time?
  4. UBU


    Nov 15, 2006
    Push a piece of string through the hole with a wire hanger. Tie the string to the pup wires, pull the string back out of the hole. Serve while still warm, enjoy...
  5. Guiseppe


    Oct 26, 2003
    Vancouver, WA
    That's what I was thinking of doing last night/this morning. I'm sure I'll "figure out" the angle, I'm thinking that the routed "chambers" are what I keep finding instead of the actual path I'm looking for
  6. JackANSI


    Sep 12, 2006
    I've used a trick from my days installing cable runs in conduit, on basses before.. Get out your trusty vacuum cleaner (with hose) and put the hose up against the cavity and get as much of that vacuum to go through that hole. Then just get some fine string and get the end near the hole... whooosh.. tape the wire onto that string with a bit of looping and pull the wires back through with the string.

    PS.. this trick with a large shopvac can pull some bailing twine with a baggie tied to the end 300+ feet through curved and even wire filled conduit. Just in case you'd ever need to do that. Just be sure to check the vacuum end regularly or have some kind of clear tubing so you can see when you have the string through :) I've ended up with 50-100 feet of twine in the shopvac before I knew it.