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  1. I need someone to transcribe/tab Rocco's bass part for Diggin' on James Brown by Tower of Power. Thanks guyz :bassist:
  2. Cmon! I need this for an audition and I can't figure it out. I think that I know the recurring simultaneous part, but not the verses or solo sections. Help out a deaf man :(
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  4. Alright guys. Here's what I figured out for the main riff. It's eighth notes:


    then it permutates to D and back and then F and G at the key change.

    I JUST NEED 4 NOTES!!!! AHHHH. :bawl: so frustrating. the Bari part makes these notes impossible hard to hear. :rollno: Does anyone have a fake book or just figured it out or something?



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    well........... I don't do tab.

    But I'll give you some hints

    It's very similar to Cold Sweat. With little 16th note Rocco isms that are ussually assend cromadic to the next cord.

    Its basically a blues the cords are C,F,G

    the Bridge goes to F then to G the Solo is the Bridge repeated

    Good Luck!

  6. O dude cmon. It sounds like you know it. Just tell me! I don't like tab either but how else do you write out a part? I'm dyin' here, man. I need this for an audition on the 10th. Xmas spirit man!
  7. Got it! Thanks, man.