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Torino Red(I think) P Bass, Rosewood - What pickguard would you choose?

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by TheSuzie, Mar 24, 2006.

  1. Hi Guys,

    I have a number of mods planned for my P. Kind of a cheap way of keeping the GAS at bay and improving a bass that I do play pretty frequently. I have a good handle on what I am going to do electrically but not too sure about the cosmetics yet.

    Anyway the cosmetic part of the mods probably includes a new pickguard to replace the white 1 ply original along with the addition of a bridge ashtray.

    What pickguard would you put on my bright red P with a rosewood board?

  2. I've always liked tortoise shell pickguards on red basses but if its a bright red I might look at a white pearloid..

    Edit: If you post a picture of your bass, Im sure someone could photoshop a varity of different pickguards on it so you can see what they look like before you buy it.
  3. My computer has a problem so I can't upload pics right now. Hope to get it fixed this weekend because it is annoying as hell. I found one on ebay that is the exact same color as mine - it is really bright which is why I was not sure if tort would look funny.


    Anyway my bass looks just like this one.

  4. bmc


    Nov 15, 2003
  5. +1 for mint.
    I have a metalic red strat with with a mint pickguard, and it looks fantastic. I originally thought that black pu covers would be best, but now I have fender aged (cream) covers on the pickups, and with the mint and the red it's just awesome:cool:

  6. anonymous278347457

    anonymous278347457 Guest

    Feb 12, 2005
    a wine red bass with a black pickguard looks quite nice. now sure how it would work with that shade of red
  7. Yeah it is such a weird red - not deep, not metallic, not candy, just plain bright. It is driving me slightly crazy.

  8. I've got a T. red Jazz that I put a white pearloid pickguard on and it looks classy. I've seen lately some aged white pearl that has a creamy tint that I think will look even better.

    I'm not a big fan of tortoise on bright red but the Fender gold anodized looks good on a red P.
  9. wdinc01


    Nov 19, 2005
    Jacksonville, FL
    You know I think the perloid white would work well. I myself wouldn't make that combination, but then again I don't think I'd ever get myself a red P-bass.

    I was first going to say tortoise shell, but thinking about it, it might not look so well. But still, if that were a candy red flake with a white perloid pickguard it'd look pretty awesome.
  10. Mattski


    Jan 6, 2003
    Cleveland, OH
    +2 on mint. I have a CAR P-bass with a mint guard and it looks great.

    If not, I'd go white.

    Have fun!
  11. :cool: My candy-apple-red P-Bass sports a black/silver pearl pickguard and it's really sharp. It's a standard Fender model so it should be easy to find. I think I bought it from Musicians Friend about 6 years ago. If you go with the regular black pearl like warmoth makes, it's really subdued. However Warmoth does make a brighter silver/? pearl that might look good. I'd check out the Fender, though, it's different and has a nice classy, cool look.

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