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Torn between sticking to rounds or trying flats (T.I.'s)

Discussion in 'Strings [BG]' started by Groovecenter, Jan 10, 2005.

  1. I recently was about to buy some T.I. Jazz flats for my fretless, in fact I had hit the buy button and everything, but an issue with my billing address gave me a chance to rethink my buying.

    I currently have my spectorcore fretless five strung with SIT rounds (nickel) and love em, definitely my new roundwound of choice seeing how the windings are small (smooth feel) tension is perfect for me (on the lighter side) and they sound good. BTW these rounds will be transferred to my fretted warmoth jazz fiver, replacing higher tension and rougher feeling D'addario nickels.

    Really the only reason I would be trying to the flats is to see if they work well with my fretless. Since these are the first set of flats I would be trying can I assume everything I've heard will be true of them? Meaning specifically:

    -less mwah (and yes Im fully aware that mwah is controlled with technique as well as string type) which could be a negative for me as I like that aspect of fretless very much

    -fatter sound, more midrange (specific to the T.I.'s from what I've heard, not necessarily all flats) a plus, I live in the midrange sector and usually favor the neckpickup on two pickup basses in a band setting, relying on hand placment to tighten the sound up i

    -less sustain (no big issue to me, Im not big on holding out four tied dotted whole notes)

    -Smoother feel (sort of an issue, as piezo's on the bass can be somewhat harsh with rounds, and they are the pickup I use most)

    Anything else I should expect? 60 bucks on strings is somewhat of a big deal, especially for my college student bank account, and I just want to be prepared for what Im getting. Also, it seems T.I. flats were HUGE at one point here, with people raving non-stop in this forum, and while I know TB especially is full of come and go fads, have people stopped using the Jazz flats or are you users just lurking in a quiet happiness now that you've found your strings?

    Thanks in Advance, Steve
  2. Sundogue


    Apr 26, 2001
    Wausau, WI
    I can't speak to your fretless issue, but I still have my TI Jazz flats.

    Awesome, awesome strings. While at the moment I am trying a variety of strings, including roundwounds...I may go back to the TI Flats.

    I'm in a three piece band now where I really need to fill out the sound. Most songs I need something that sustains a little more when my guitarist goes off on some fingerpicking.

    While the TI's definitely hold down the bottom end, the lack of sustain, with flatwounds in general, leave me needing to go with roundwounds.

    I just love the TI's though. I love how they just feel so smooth and they are lower tension, lighter gauge (I think mine are .97 to .40) strings that just seem to play so effortlessly.

    I'd play only TI Jazz Flats if they sustained a bit more. I tend to put them back on my bass when I do any recording though. They sound good, no matter how many times I've taken them off and put them back on (which tells you how much I love them...that I keep putting them back on. :)).

    One kind of strings you might want to try are the LaBella Black Nylon Tapewounds. They are actually roundwounds but are wrapped with black nylon. Another awesome set of strings. They might be just perfect for your fretless. And they are cheaper...http://www.carvin.com/products/single.php?ItemNumber=5012&CID=ACC $24.99