Toronto Bass Players Wanted

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    As of September, i'm moving from Canada to England for a year or two. My band, This Crooked Mile recently finished recording a CD, and is getting together press packs to start looking for some gigs around Toronto, Hamilton, and the area. Since I'm leaving, we are looking for a replacement.

    I figured coming here would be the best place to try first, so if you're looking for a band, check out the website:

    7-piece (2 guitar, bass, drums, keys, 2 trumpets), lots of 3-part harmonies, pop band. great group. We won the battle of the bands for McMaster last year and came in second in the southern Ontario competition. Played 2 packed shows at the Cameron House on Queen St., played a new talent night at the horseshoe, planning on playing horseshoe again.

    The pictures on the site are a few years old. we're all in our mid-20's now.

    If you're interested at all, send me a PM. Ya never know.

    Also, if you know of any other place we should be advertising, please let me know. i don't know where else to post the opportunity......
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