Tortoise Shell - Different Qualities?

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    Jun 20, 2005
    Many of us conclude that Spitfire makes some of the nicest 1960's-inspired tortoise shell pickguards. Many of us also know that a lot of budget-friendly tortoise shell pickguards are just prints on or in the top Celluloid or PVC layer of the pickguard. Many of us also know that many of the celluloid pickguards out there are very brown and not as red as the original 1960's tortoise shell.

    So, my question is this: What are the various pickguard brands that provide a pickguard meeting this criteria?
    • 3- or 4- ply, with celluloid nitrate as the top layer. PVC as the remaining layers is okay
    • Non-printed tortoise shell. Uses the top layer of celluloid to have a real "3D effect"
    • More on the red side; less on the brown side
    Is there anything under $80 that meets this description? Are any of the pickguards now coming out of China matching this?
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