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    Need to Vent - I am supposed to be in Hong Kong, but Monday night I got an email that my connecting flight to SFO was cancelled due to "weather" (14 hours in advance? How can they know?) Then they had booked my on another flight with a 14 HOUR layover in SFO arriving a day too late to make my business meetings.

    I got on the phone (Waited forever for an agent) and found that I could get on an earlier flight at 7 am to SFO and make my original flight, but they had given away my seat reservation! I spent hours on the phone with agents and a supervisor, but was not able to get a seat.

    I just received a thanks package from them for reaching 1 Million Miles and this is how they treat me. Little chance of me doing another Million with United.
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    Mar 1, 2005
    First world problems.

    "Oh no, I can't fly across the ocean at tremendous speed with great comfort and reliability. Oh no, boohoo"
  3. lol
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    Dudes got business. Dont **** with a man's business.
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    I canceled all my upcoming Continental flights when they merged with United. The only airliner worse than them is US Air.