total electronic make-over(passive's to active)

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    Sep 25, 2003
    [backround jibberish]
    Well, I went to Mr.E's and played on a bunch of peavey basses and... DAMN! They all played very very well. I was in the zone the hole day. I finaly got to play a on one of those Cirrus's that everyone praises and I now see what you guys where talking about. It felt/sounds/looked great. My only complaint about it was... within 5minutes of me playing it the battery went out(least thats my best guess) and it kept makings this flanger/screech/feedback type sound. o_O
    but up until that it was all gravy. :p
    Well, I talked to the guy ther and he said they should be getting a few of those Grind NTB's including a 6string that I want to dig into.. So if those grinds live up to the feel of the other peavey's then I already know what my next bass will be.
    Only thing is, from my understanding they(grind BXP NTB) are set up for passives. SO, maybe in a few months after I get the bass I will save up my money and drop in some EMG-DC's and active... stuff.. I dont know how active pickups work tbh and I dont know what I will need to do this. or how much it will cost, and cost to have done. Like having someone cut in the bass to put a battery holder and what not...
    Anyone else do this kind of project forthere bass and have some kind of price range for this type of thing?