Total Noob Here: Played Traveler Ultralight Bass?

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  1. Williethump


    Sep 10, 2017
    Friend gave me an old Ibenez GIO Soundgear unknown model or vintage but right purdy in chipped and bar-battered shiny gloss black, missing D string and machinehead and remaining obstinately silent no matter how I banged on it like a chimpanzee-which is my playing method being a simple primitive fellow, strong like bull but also smart like tractor!
    I ordered a $12usd machinehead from GF and got 90yo Daddy to hold the massive beast, which I'm thinking of naming either GIO-San or Dreadnought, while I reams out the headstock on his drillpress. Some Drexel Mototool fun, a modified washer for a height shim and Robert is your mother's brother.
    Some cheapest-I-can-find on interweb_of_lies $8 no-name roundywoundy strings.
    Soldering the pup wire with a 10-penny nail heated on the stove top neanderthal fashion made her thump again!
    So I bought a Korg Khromatic Ktuner gizmo, and every Hal Leonard learn-bass book at Dimple, some heavy plectrums I haven't touched, a tall guitar stand, AudioTechnica closed back studio headphones and a used Ampeg BA-108 bass amp.
    The last two finally let me hear how bad we sounded after about a month and one lesson. I put it down for one day but started craving it despite the fret buzz, humming in the same freaking frequently as my Vietnam War tinnitus, jack static and sour D string I'd totally jacked up installing peg and strings.
    I'm old so not very patient so I checked out Guitar Center, CL, Reverb but nothing appealed since I don't know good from bad with poor ears.
    Then my neighbor came down and set string height, intonation, cleaned jacks. Now it sounds great! No need to blow hundreds on a nice shiny new used bass I don't need after all. Bummer. Thanks neighbor.
    Now what'll I do with this money melting through the pocket of my polyester pants?
    Anybody ever play the 6lb headless acoustic/electric Traveler Ultralight bass with detachable thigh and thumb rest, $360 w/gig bag? Traveler Guitar - Acoustic and Electric Travel Guitars & Accessories
    Just asking, I have a vague interest cause it sounded nice on YouTube but then phone speakers... Please reply soon.
    People are helping me, teaching, coaching, giving me valuable equipment.
    I'm finding so much love for the wannabe bassman/woman!
    One Month Noob Williethump
  2. I relate to the old and bad ears, I play with a $300 +/- Yamaha 4 string P bass. Have several amps as I leave them where we play - so I do not have to lug them back and forth.

    The getting started sticky in the General Instruction section would be time well spent. I also agree people in general are helpful.

    Our Daughter's home was flooded - Baytown, Texas - and people have come from ever where to help. Reminds me of what we are asked to do. Love each other.

    The Slayton ISD - way out in West Texas - sent an 18 wheeler to Baytown loaded with things teachers will need to be ready to start classes. In addition to school supplies things like socks, under ware, curling irons, crock pots, etc.

    Again welcome.

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