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Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by AK Rev, Jul 15, 2008.

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    I picked this up last week and didn't see anything in the archives about it. To be honest, I had never really listened to Toto before although I can't really say why. They have always been good...just not popular in the US for some reason.

    I really liked this DVD. For one, Leland Sklar filled in for Mike Porcaro as many of you already know. Lukather tells the audience that Leland learned the music in only 5 days!:eek: He's amazing as usual and seemed to be having a really good time. He apparently has been friends with the Toto members for a long time and Lukather in particular.

    Steve Lukather is stunning of course. I heard he was recently voted as top guitarist in a poll of 40 countries. He was really good at a variety of styles...lots of nice bends and his vibrato is just top notch. His singing is pretty decent too.

    I really liked Simon Phillips on drums. Very good and relaxed.

    Bobby Kimball's voice is still superb. He sings with a lot of emotion.

    I wondered what Tony Spinner's role was in the band about 1/2 the time...not singing backup while not playing the guitar around his neck will make you wonder that too.

    Greg Phillinganes on keyboards was technically very good but his solo was uninspiring. He's great on backup vocals...very soulful at times but his solo singing was not very good IMO.

    All of the above criticism is just my opinion of course. I thought Toto's music and musicianship was extremely high. No wonder EVH said that Toto had the most skilled musicians of any band. Overall, I really enjoyed the music and the DVD in general and recommend that you pick it up. Now that I have finally figured out that I like Toto (after they have disbanded), what other Toto CDs or DVDs should I get?
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