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SOLD Trace AH250SMX, $250 + Shipping

Discussion in 'For Sale: Amps, Preamps, and Cabinets' started by Count Bassie, Dec 16, 2011.

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  1. Mid-90s head that I rescued 2 years ago. I pulled it from its original housing (Tolex covered, MDF sleeve), and now it's securely mounted in an old tattered-but-still-truckin' soft, zippered 2-space gig-bag.

    *One of the screws that holds the rack ears to the chassis does not attach to the chassis (there are 2 screws per side)*.

    This has apparently not been meaningful- the amp is set tight in its seat at the rack rail and doesn't move.

    And now on to the good stuff:
    *12AX7 tube at input, sweep-able gain- blends with solid-state, non-tube gain;
    *12-band graphic eq, toggles on or off, blend-able with dry signal;
    *2x toggle choices for 'pre-shape' eq setting, on or off and blend-able with graphic;
    *Dual-band compressor- simple approach to very effective compression. Really a pretty remarkable gadget, gives up slam dub-tones and protects your speakers... or gives up a great, brilliant 'zing' for your "Mark King wanna-be" fantasies (you know have one...);
    *Balance control (low-to-high) at compressor, gives emphasis to the low or high end of your eq;
    *Gain control at rear panel for effects send, sweeps from -10 to +4 dB.

    "250 watts at 4 ohms"... and here's the part where I reiterate (it's all over the Trace threads) that this amp is apparently conservative with that number/rating: It's a super-loud, very present power-house in any setting. It's also an interesting amp in that there's an impression of 'control' at any volume. You can get 'wooly' with it, but that's not the tendency... it's got a very controlled voice, probably due to all the tone-shaping business on that front panel- and the stuff really works!

    Bottom-line: It's very impressive in a live mix, loud or not. Easily 'finds a seat' within the music.

    For two straight years now this head has delivered the goods. Loud as heck in a steel trap, and gorgeous punchy tones; always gets good reviews from the FOH people, and from fellow musicians.



    Out in the world...

    Not looking for a swap. I'd like to see $250 (+ shipping) for it, and I'll be shipping from 02917. US postal m.o. as payment would be the best...

    Thanks for looking!
  2. It's an amp that was rated by the engineering dept, not he marketing dept. Everywhere I go they say "only 250W!" wow that's punchy! It's got big capacitors that give FULL voice to the 500W peak rating. Modern marketing would be 800W at least.

    The valve option is nicely warm. If you want grindy dirt you get it from your fx pedals or the drivers complaining.

  3. That's the explanation! Makes sense, thanks, 'Wonder. :cool:
  4. seventhsunbass

    seventhsunbass Supporting Member

    Feb 14, 2010
    I use a GP7SM 200 in a BLX 130 box (I like more power!) for home practice. Took it to band last night and with the pre on 5 and the post on 3 1/2, it more than kept up with them and my drummer is a hard hitting MF'er! These are, without a doubt, the most under rated amps you can get. If I didn't have 2 I would be sending you cash as I type.
  5. I hear you. The only way I can allow myself to sell it is that 1) I need a short-scale bass and this is how I can do it, and 2) I am somewhat, and often, befuddled by the graphic eq. I know... it works, but it's more than I want to look at!

    The GK 800RB is my formula. It's invisible to me- just what I want an amp to be. The Trace, with all the plus-aspects of it, is not invisible to my sensibilities.

    Thanks for the bumps, guys!
  6. I have this same unit. It's an outstanding amp.... and I'll never part with mine. :D

    Sell the GK :bag:

  7. Stop it!
  8. Just kidding. : )

    X I
  9. Alright, it appears now that I'll be able to pick up the shorty bass (a needful thing, for health reasons) without having to sell this amp... which, despite my niggle about the eq, was the only reason I actually thought I had to sell it. So I'm saved a little dose of "seller's remorse"! Bonus. :)

    Thanks all, and have a good holiday! :cool:

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