Trace BLX-80

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  1. I have an opportunity to get a Trace BLX-80 1x12 (or was it 1x10? Since I will often run an extension cab with it, it makes little difference to me.) combo for $275. For those not familiar, the BLX-80 has a subwoofer-style cabinet with just a front vent; the speaker may be rear- or down-firing, I'm not quite sure.

    Should I grab it? A small combo would probably be more useful to me than a small head.
  2. davcis70

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    Apr 22, 2002
    San Antonio, Texas
    Go for it!! I loved mine and played it for 7 years. It was recently ripped off so now I'm amp shopping again. I would recommend replacing the speaker when you can. I blew 2 speakers in 3 years. After blowing the second speaker I bought a higher wattage speaker and it sounded incredible!!