Trace Elliot® Introduces Pro Series 4x10 and 2x12 Cabinets

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    MERIDIAN, MS — Trace Elliot® returns its focus to large venue environments with the introduction of the Trace Elliot Pro Series 4x10 and 2x12 Cabinets. Both units combine excellent power and performance with durable, weather-resistant materials for professional-grade enclosures that are road-worthy and sonically versatile.

    The Trace Elliot Pro Series 4x10 and 2x12 Cabinets are a natural follow-up to the 2022 release of the TE®-1200 bass amp head, which boasts 1200 Watts of power and is capable of driving up to two Trace Pro Series cabinets per unit. Built to deliver, the Trace Pro 4x10 cabinet staggers four proprietary custom 10-inch neodymium drivers, and a Trace Elliot HF compression tweeter for a sonically pleasing and undeniably powerful performance.

    Offering thunderous lows to crisp, intelligent highs, the Trace Pro 2x12 cabinet pairs one ultra high-end coaxial 12-inch driver with a 12-inch woofer-only complement. This highly capable unit can handle the complete sonic palette of the bass guitar. A dual-plane baffle with the coaxial driver is mounted on the slanted portion for superior HF (high-frequency) dispersion.

    Both Trace Pro Series cabinets handle well over 1000 Watts of true RMS power (conservative) at 8 ohms, and a newly designed crossover improves overload protection. Dual parallel Neutrik Speakon® 1⁄4-inch combination input jacks expand connectivity options.

    Each Trace Pro Series cabinet is built using reinforced 15 mm poplar plywood construction covered in a durable, weather-resistant two-stage epoxy coating with added metal corners. A top recess accommodates the TE 1200 bass amp head, and the drivers are protected during transit by a magnetically attached cover. Each cabinet comes with rubber feet for use in any orientation. Handles are found on all four sides and high-quality 3-inch locking casters are included. Additionally, foot recesses on three sides allow for solid and attractive horizontal and vertical stacking with other Trace Pro Series cabinets.

    Trace Elliot Pro Series 4x10 and 2x12 Cabinets have been built with one thing in mind — “Any Style, Any Stage” — and are therefore designed to take on nearly anything players throw at them.

    Trace Elliot puts a professional-grade cabinet within reach at $1,599.99 street price for each unit.

    Learn more and get a closer look at

    Trace_Elliot_Pro_410_Cab_Left_03619590.jpg Trace_Pro_410_212_Cabs (002).jpg Trace_Elliot_Pro_410_Cab_Front_03619590.jpg Trace_Elliot_2x12 Cabinet.jpg Trace_Elliot_Pro_410_Cab_Back_03619590.jpg Trace_Elliot_Pro_410_Cab_Right_03619590.jpg
  2. I'll give @Fred from Peavey and his crew quite a bit of credit-- they probably could have gotten away with making an otherwise-pedestrian cabinet out of nicer materials, slapped a Trace Elliot badge on the grille, and called it a day.

    The fact that they're doing interesting, slightly-outside-the-box cabinet designs that give a nod to the early Trace cabs, while still being distinctly modern, tells me that they respect the brand they bought and are attempting to maintain its' special character. Given what we've seen happen to many well-regarded bass amp marques over the years (SWR, Eden, Genz-Benz, among others), this is absolutely refreshing to see, and I think Peavey deserves some kudos for that.
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  3. Long time fan of Trace stuff. These look really interesting. Love to see the innovations. Curious how much they weigh. Not seeing any info on that here or on the site, unless I missed it.
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    84lbs with casters.
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    Looking forward to encountering one if these in the wild!
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    May 4, 2017
    With neo drivers - that’s ridiculous.
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    for me the link is broken, and I don't see either of these on their (annoying IMHO) scroll scroll scroll scroll web site
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    Click on the link a couple posts up…
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    It didn't say neo, it said "Using a custom coaxial 12" driver paired with its 12" woofer-only counterpart".
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    May 4, 2017
    I guess I mis- read! Still quite heavy today

    it’s the 4-10 that has the neo’s
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    thanks ..worked
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  13. "$1600 - they are going for the top level pro touring musician."
    Whoa! Too rich for my blood.....
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    Mar 22, 2019
    Looks interesting - but an 85lb 2x12 cab is a decade or more late to the party. One can get a nice barefaced 2x12 super twin cab for $1368 that weighs half of that.
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    No. Thanks. In the age of ultralights, these things are nailed to the floor.

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  16. I got the TE1200 head and two of the 4X10 cabinets earlier this year. The amplifier has the Trace lineage in it with a bit of modern Peavey style as well. It is close to my GP12SMX gear from the 90's and is capable of punishing sound levels. I miss the input signal indicators the most on these new Trace amplifiers. The rotary four band EQ is sufficient, but is not near the level of the 12 band graphic of the SMX line. The two band compression is good, but I do not use it since all of my compression, LPF/HPF and fine tone Equalization is done on my pedal board. The Preshape EQ only has one choice instead of two like the SMX line and the Preshape is the classic Trace mid scoop pub tone as the described by UK Trace users back in the 90's. Very good 12 pound amplifier that equates to 100 watts per pound into a 4 Ohm load.

    The 4X10 cabinets are very light and sound amazing with any amp I put through them. They can be beamy, so if you stand off axis from them the sound level starts decreasing measurably. I personally have no use for horns in my cabinets so I shut them off. However others that have played through them using the horns say they sound very good to them. The front covers attach magnetically to the cabinet grills, very slick design choice for that purpose. All in all very good products that maintain the brand esteem and quality.
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    May 4, 2017
    80lbs is not light.
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  18. I agree that may not be light to some people, but I schlepped a pair of 140 pound Mesa Diesel 2X15 cabinets, a pair of 100+ pound Ampeg 8X10 cabs, and the extremely heavy Series 6 and SMX Trace cabinets over the past four decades. These cabinets are for medium to large venues and the semi-pro to professional market. They are a breeze to move compared to most guitar 4X12 cabinets. My Phil Jones Pirhana Cabinets were absolute lead beasts with the 24X5 and 8X5 cabinets I thought I needed back in the day. I am fortunate that we have personal friends, and our adult children, willing to help us to load our gear in and out of venues. I still get in the mix with moving the gear at 60 years old. This new stuff is feather weight compared to the gear we had to use twenty plus years ago. The early Peavey gear was obscenely heavy through the 70's, 80's and 90's. I understand people using ultra light small rigs in small clubs and venues. I am in a group that plays medium to large venues and festivals. We do not play in small bars and clubs at all, not enough money for the amount of work we have to put into it.
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    May 4, 2017
    I used to move a fridge around also - moved from ampeg to trace Elliot for that tone and it was lighter - but still not light.

    moved to genzler - though I still have my ah250. I like their 12-3 cabs but to keep things somewhat on topic. Their 410-3 is only 55lbs and will handle 1000 watts.

    the bergantino nxt 410 is 59lbs, EBS 410 - 55lbs, GR stuff is even lighter…

    Almost 1.5 times the weight and I promise you they won’t sound better than the 3 I listed. I love trace Elliot but I was hoping for better.
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    Mar 22, 2019
    I have to agree with @Loring . For most of the market, an 80lb 410 isn't light, it is out of touch. I get there are heavier cabs, but even the non-neo barefaced 410 cabs are 50lbs. For the larger gigs & festivals that I've played, I wouldn't schlepp what is essentially an 80lb stage monitor. For many of those gigs, FOH buried my stage rig anyway (even running 1500 watts through 2 2x15 cabs). I think it is a hard sell at that price point. At this point, in some venues and festivals, there almost isn't a point to bringing an amp at all. Good FOH sound and decent wedges give me all I need to play. Can't wait to get fully on the IEM train and leave the amp behind. In the meantime, I'll schlepp one or two Barefaced Big Baby 3 cabs @ 26lbs each, feed each cab up to 700 watts and crush what most 4x10 cabs can dream of delivering.
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