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Trace Elliot 1048h cab ... reduced to $550

Discussion in '[OLD FORUM] Bass Guitars, Amps, and Accessories: F' started by bassman blue, Dec 1, 2002.

  1. Trace Elliott 1048H bass cab for sale or trade for an Ampeg SVT210he...

    I have a Trace Elliott 1048H bass cab. It has the dark green carpet covering, 4 - 10" Celestion speakers and a horn. This is a great cab and rated at I believe 320 RMS and 8 ohms. It's in wonderful condition and has only been transported a few times, mostly stays put at home for practice. Has casters on it and you can see a picture of them on the Trace Elliott website. At one gig, some kid poked a pencil through one of the bottom speakers, so it has been replaced with the proper Celestion speaker and TE sent me an extra speaker too, so there's a new spare Celestion speaker you are welcome to have. This may be blashemy, but I changed the green lettering "Trace Elliott" logo to a silver colour, so it would not stand out so much, lime green ain't my colour!! Anyway, wanting to downsize to an Ampeg SVT210he since my head and other cab are SVT Classic models. Would like $550 plus shipping for it, or on the off chance you have a SVT210he in great shape, we can talk... I live near Vancouver, BC on the Canadian/US border, in Canada, so shipping would be a bit of a drag but possible. If you live close, that would be ideal. yaz12@shaw.ca
  2. reduced...again....

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