Trace-Elliot 1818T 1x18 (NJ) $250

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  1. Trace-Elliot 1818T - 1x18 (list price: $750, asking $250).


    This cab will give you all of the pants-flapping bass you will ever need! I used it as the woofer in a BiAmp setup. It is in good working order. The ports are stuffed per Trace-Elliot in order for the cab to go down to 31HZ. Unstuff 'em if you have a 4-string. I have mounted excellent wheels on the bottom to roll this baby around the stage.

    Unfortunately, due to the size and weight of this baby, I cannot package or ship it. I can deliver it in NJ and maybe a little further if you like. I can also drop it off to a shipping company of your choice.

    This, along with my Hartke 7000 and SWR Goliath Jr III (also for sale) blasted past 2 marshall stacks in a punk-rock band. I'm in a pop cover band now and don't need this volume.

    Contact me (Joe) at:, or cell phone 908-305-9474.

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