Trace Elliot 1x15 & 4x10 (UK ONLY)

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  1. For Sale

    Trace Elliot - 1518
    Trace Elliot - 1048

    Trace Elliot 1518

    Larger of Trace's 1x15 cabs, 300w @ 8ohms power rating, In great condition with only minor scuffs here and there. Pre-Gibson model so of better quality than post gibson, covered in tradional PVC Rubber covering.

    Price : - £320 ono


    Trace Elliot 1048

    Vintage Trace Elliot 4x10 housed in sturdy Flight case with detachable front. Vintage Trace cones give very warm sound and lots of punch. Condidion is v good ( i have repainted the flight case since pictures were taken). Again Pre-Gibson model.

    Price : - £300 ono




    I am selling these cabs because I have an identical rig that i use for gigging and these cabs dont get used anymore, just sat under covers waiting for a new home. This will then allow me to by the Trace Elliot V8 head ive always wanted

    Please note I live in UK so shipping to places outside the UK is inpossbile due to the weight of these cabs.

    For People living in the UK I live in Scarborough North Yorkshire, and a pick up would be the best option as again shipping would cost over £100 for both.

    Any Questions please feel free to email me on

    Thank you for looking