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Trace Elliot 1x15 and Boss GT6-B (UK)

Discussion in '[OLD FORUM] Bass Guitars, Amps, and Accessories: F' started by ZenBass, Jan 6, 2004.

  1. For Sale

    Mint Condtion Trace Elliot 1153 Cab.

    200w RMS @ 8ohn
    PVC/Viynal Covering
    Fantastic Condtion
    (just 1 smal nick about o0o..2mm)

    [​IMG] i have no camera at this point but this is the cab...

    I am in Scarborough North Yorkshire, Delivey around £25 next day by Amtrak

    Price £230ono

    Selling:- I have just got a New EBS Rig and this cab would get blown to pieces by a Fafner :eek:


    Boss GT6-B Bass Multi Effects

    Fantastic pedal you all know what it is caperble off..


    Will be fully boxed and sent to u... but i cannot find the instructions at the moment but i will looook my hardest or not i shall get a new set ordered from Boss UK (if u really want them)..

    New cost me £399

    Retail is now £359

    There is on scratch on the pedal on the top which i have no idea how it got there...but no dents, and everything works perfectly..and ill factory reset it as well before i send it..

    again roughly £15 for delivery Next day by Amtrak

    looking for


    but will accept offers :)...

    Selling: I have a New Rig and i have a nice Shiney Boss ODB-3 so0 this pedal just sits there as a glourified tuner....and i never use it to it s full potential...

    All items going towards a New Axe.

    Contact me on


    I am in the UK so0 only UK ppl please...

    The GT6-B can be posted anywhere in the world but the Trace Elliot Cab really cant...

    Thank you for Loooking...