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Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by DEVILMAN, Feb 27, 2002.



    Nov 24, 2001
    New York,NY
    Greetings & Felicitations,
    On the back of the March '96 issue of Bass Player there was an ad for a TE rig & BASS? that I've never ran in with. Has anyone ever seen, heard, played or owned such a beast? I believe the # for the 4x12's was 1248. The head was a V-Type & the cabs resemble guitar style enclosures. Are they (un)desireable, enquiring minds want to know!

  2. The Trace V-type heads are their all valve range of heads - these are meant to be nice and meaty. The 4 x 12 cabinet is in their bass enclosures for their V-type range.

    I play Trace stuff - and AH500-12 head and the 1048H (4 x 10 with horn) and a 1518 (1 x 15) cab.

    I like the Trace stuff but I've only ever used and heard their solid state stuff (mine has a valve type preamp - but there isn't a valve near it, it just adds sort of valve warmth through some type of triode circuitry)

    The Trace V-type stuff is pretty dear here, so I would imagine it's gonna be pretty dear on your side of the pond! Although, since Gibson bought them, and are trying to move manufacturing of the amps to the States - it may get cheaper for you guys!!

    If you get the chance I'd recommend you try it - you may like what you hear!!! By the sound of it you liked what you saw!!!

    Oh yeah, the Trace Elliot bass that you mention is the T-Bass! It's a Jazz type bass either 4 or 5 string options. Their is a novelty feature in the headstock where the tuning pegs a canted back at an angle more suited to tuning than standard vertical pegs. It also make the headstock look smaller. I haven't tried on yet, but am tempted by their 5 strings - I don't have a Jazz type bass yet!!!

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