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Trace Elliot AH300-12 series 6 vs Ashdown ABM500 EVO II

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by flyeR, May 3, 2010.

  1. flyeR


    Jan 5, 2009
    Hi there
    So here i am, right about to buy a new head. Im kinda in a hurry to buy one, and luckily i found two not bad offers (yep, check what the topic says :).
    So here's the deal - i've tried some of the ashdowns amps, but never tried the abm series. i liked them, especially the AL series, still i cant afford them. TE i tried one, although they are refered to as really good amps, and from what i heard on the samples from various sources on the net i generally like the sound.
    So, any advices? :) what i can tel about myself is that i play kinda heavy music, but not only, so i'll need a versalite amp. the extra power on ABM would be nice, but not a must. Also what i want is a good sound of a low B. i've read somewhere that TE's offer lots of midrange and cutting sound but they lack a little in low frequencies, and need those to be heavy and growling, with a massage to the liver to :p

    what i might add is that i almost certainly buy one of those, so any feedback would be most welcome.

    thx in advance
  2. flyeR


    Jan 5, 2009
    sorry for upping the thread , but i really need some feedback ;)
    noone has any good advices?
  3. From experience, the Ashdown will sound great when it's just you... once the rest of the band join you don't expect to hear much. The Trace IMO is more versatile (albeit lacking a little in the low lows, and upping the red slider on the graphic will eat your power) you can balance that out with the right cabs.

    Go for the Trace. These amps are power houses and built like tanks. Is it an SMX pre amp? Turning up the valve stage will give you some nice warmth and a light drive when the amp is pushed.

    The Ashdown does have that over the TE, where Ashdown use both stages of the pre amp valve and you do get more grind.

    Again though.. Trace Elliot all the way.
  4. flyeR


    Jan 5, 2009
    its not a smx preamp, so no valve drive. well thats one of the reasons im hesitating between those two. one offers a little of tube sound, lots of watts and generally from what people say its a not bad amp, while the other one is a oldskool construction, which is said to lack a little in the low lows (but you say it can be fixed with proper cabs, any more info?) but many say its kind of a standard for "sounds great". Ill surely be using a little overdrive with the amp and i want it sometimes to be really growly and evil, with some cut-through buzz from my frets. if this can be achieved with TE i thing im gonna take it
  5. i've found from using series 6 type (SS) heads and the SMX (hybrid) is a little difference in warmth. again tho, comparing with the ashdown, yeah its got growly balls, but who cares when no one can hear you!

    would it be possible to hold out for a SMX?

    TBH, i've never really noticed a lack of low low through my rig, but i used all TE which compliment the head/cabs really well. the only other cabs i've played my amp through is some no name 15s, and ampeg 8x10s, which as you can imagine have plenty of low low low... the comment just comes from intense discussion in the TE appreciation thread.

    ftr, i use a trace 15" compact and a monster TE 2x10 with a V-type V4 as the main amp, but for a couple of years i used a GP12 SMX
  6. nostatic

    nostatic Supporting Member

    Jun 18, 2004
    lost angeles, CA
    Endorsing Artist: FEA Labs
    Not at all my experience with an AMB500 Evo (UK built). Depends on what tone you're trying to get and probably cabinets. I ran the amp dead flat and was using EA VL110 cabs. Jazz, and some blues gigs that would venture into rock. Never had the bass disappear even with 3 guitars on stage.
  7. hmm i guess i should have stated i do play loud/hard rock. i'd always run treble and bass flat and mids practically at full.

    i know i sound very biased, there are lots of satisfied ashdown guys out there!

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