Trace Elliot bass cabinet... info about serial number

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  1. chubbykipper


    Apr 11, 2005
    Hi, my Trace cabinet (1518T) has a serial number written on the back, but where can I find out information about the cabinet based on that number, such as when it was made etc?

    Is there a site which has a registry of serial numbers? I've looked online but with no luck and the Trace website is down.
    I just want to see what I can find out about my cabinet based on the serial number.

    If it helps, the number is T0230-04680-297, just in case anyone out there knows their stuff.

    Thanks guys, I appreciate the help. Hope I'm posting this in the right place, if not please move it and I apologise.

    Over n out

  2. As always someone may prove me wrong, but based on the #s on my TE cabinets and amps I'd wager that it's Feb/97.