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Trace Elliot cab question

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by bacid, Jun 27, 2007.

  1. There is a used Trace Elliot cab at Guitar Center, I'm going to get it eventually, it's been there for about a year. It's a 1X15 with the green carpet covering. This one doesn't have those two red lines under the speaker/behind the ports that I have seen some cabs. Is there a difference between this cab and the ones with the red lines? Also how do the new cabs differ from the older ones. This 15 is the best cab I have ever heard. I played a Marcus Miller 4 through an SVT4-Pro out of the cab this morning and fell in love with it. I'm going to get the 15 and eventually get a 4X10 so my question to you is what is the difference between the cabs with the red lines, the ones without the red lines, and the newer ones?
  2. I used to have a Trace Elliott stack and there were two models of 15" speaker enclosures. The one I had was the one with the red lines inside. Besides being heavier, they were rated for higher power. I seem to think the one you are looking at is a 150 watt enclosures, but I could be wrong. They were loaded with Celestion speakers and were pretty conservatively rated. The green carpeted Trace gear I owned was well worth every penny.
  3. Actually the carpeted 300watt 1518 is the lighter of the cabs at ~37Kg, the older 200watt cab was 43Kg. Trust me, I move one of each 3 or 4 times a week.

    Edit: Ask Kelly Lee :D

    Edit again: Are you talking about the mini15's with the green carpet and no red stripe, with the ports on the side of the cab?
  4. I own it, it's an awesome cab, don't pay more than 175-190 range for it though. You can get these used at a fair price and they are awesome. I think these were made right after the Gibson take over. They have a 200 watt 8 Ohm rating and a custom Celestion. I got mine in pristine shape at a Pawn Shop for 150.00 and they go on the bay for less than 200.
  5. Yeah it's the mini 15. It's tagged at 299, but since I work at GC I get it at cost after I work 30 days. I looked in the computer today and it said that we paid 220 for it, so that's cost.
  6. DMX


    Mar 10, 2006
    Oxford, UK
    The 1153? I used to have one, a nice enough cab. Sounds fantastic at low-medium volumes, very punchy and clear, and it's a good compact and lightweight 15. I found mine would fart far too easily with a bit too much volume or low-end though.

    Those big old Trace cabs (like the 1518) really were amazing, but my god how on earth did they make them so heavy?! Best tone I ever got was using my old Bassman 135 through an old practice room Trace 4x10, but one attempt to lift it told me I'd never want to own one myself.
  7. C'mon, the 1518T's aren't that heavy are they? I mean the only two cabs i have ever owned or moved are my two trace 1518's and i don't find them to be stupid heavy, I usually load one into my Hyundai by myself a few times a week. Although that said I do have GAS for a pair of 112 cabs.
  8. True and don't handle bottom B string at stage volumes very well.
  9. I really think i've been spoiled when it comes to low end, these trace cabs are my first cabs and I've tested other rig in stores and very few cabs can match the low end of these Trace's *sigh* I guess i take it for granted being able to actually use my low A and for it to sound great at high volumes, even with the deep switch on my amp engaged.... gotta love TE :D
  10. That's fair price if it is good shape and it sounds good.
  11. DMX


    Mar 10, 2006
    Oxford, UK
    You calling me a wimp?;)

    Actually, the 1518 probably doesn't weigh too much, but then it is a 1x15. The idea of carrying that 4x10 (1048?) up and down the stairs to my flat on my own didn't really appeal though. Must have weighed ~45kg.
  12. shooter_mi


    Sep 29, 2005
    I've got the 1153 and it's great. I use it as a stand alone, the sound is tops, it's compact, and lightweight. I paid $175 for mine. I think $220 is probably a decent price, too.
  13. I threw $50 down on it to put it on layaway today. I don't have a head yet. I was playing through that SVT4-Pro again today, love it. How are the Trace heads? What would pair nicely with an 1153?
  14. Actually, I'm not calling you a wimp, I'm calling myself a wimp, i'm 6'5 and 80kg (dunno in lb) and I don't really struggle with the cab ... its all about lifting from your knee's :D

    FWIW the 1518's i have weigh 38kg and 44kg each.
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