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Trace Elliot Combo -> is it a pre-gibson?

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by WAP, Aug 31, 2008.

  1. WAP


    Jun 30, 2008
    Hi out there,

    is this combo a pre-gibson one?!

    On the back it says: 280W RMS / 580W PEAK

    here is an image of it:


    please help me out!

  2. Kelly Lee

    Kelly Lee Yeah, I'm a guy! Supporting Member

    Feb 17, 2004
    Marana, AZ, USA
    Looks Gibson era to me.
  3. Agreed. The green carpeting is a dead giveaway.
  4. WAP


    Jun 30, 2008
    Thnx for the answer. But is it worth to buy it? Or are the electronics and speakers cheap rubbish?

    The owner asks about 600 euros for it.
  5. WAP


    Jun 30, 2008
    This combo is also for sale for about the same price. Is this
    a better quality combo?

    thnx for a reaction.
  6. I've said this before and I'l say it again, just coz it's carpet covered doens't mean it's Gibson! The carpet started around 1995ish, Gibson didn't take over til 1998/99.

    I appreciate in the USA it may have taken longer for the carpet covered models to appear but it's a fallacy to base your information on that alone.

    What's the serial number? That will tell you the build date :)
  7. I have a gibson-era trace elliot combo. Even though, it isn't as good as my borther's tolex-covered 350-watt awesome 70's rig, it is still a very good amp. IMO any trace amp in decent condition for relatively cheap is a good buy!

    hope that helps!
  8. Kelly Lee

    Kelly Lee Yeah, I'm a guy! Supporting Member

    Feb 17, 2004
    Marana, AZ, USA
    BTW, I say it looks Gibson era due to the fact of the green markings on the face of the amp and not the green carpeting.
  9. That is correct, and also more accurate than my remark. The one Gibson-era Trace amp I had spent more time in the shop than on the gig, while the pre-Gibson Trace I had never even hiccuped. Since then, whenever asked, I have urged players to avoid Gibson/Trace amps.

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