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  1. at the moment i own a Trace Elliot commando 15 amp, and have been very happy with it, but recently my guitarist got a new, more powerfull amp and we have been able to crank up the volume at jams :D . the only problem is though to compete with his new amp i have to turn mine up to full, and i'm not particularly impressed with the sound comming out of my amp, it bassically sounds like 1 glorious fart when i'm playing low on the neck :mad: :mad: :mad:

    so my question is, how do i stop this whilst keeping the volume high enuf to compete with the guitarist, i've tweaked all the controlls on the amp and bass (which is a yammaha RBX260 in case that has n e thing to do with it) until they wore away and it still sounds like poo.

    is it a case of upgrading the speaker or something, and if so to what?

    someone please help me cos it's REALLY annoying!


  2. lo-end


    Jun 15, 2001
    Have you noticed that smell too? :D

    I have a Commando 15 and it is very underpowered. It can't even keep up with my little brother's Fender Frontman 15 (40w with ext cab)

    You'll just have to get another setup. The Commando is good for low volume practices, and should be able to keep up with a drumset, but trying to cut through the mix in anything louder than that is futile. It also gets this really weird smell when you have it cranked up.
  3. and if it's dark and ure playing load do u notice a little red LED inside the amp between the amp hed and speaker?
  4. There's probably nothing wrong with your amp... other than the fact that you're pushing it too hard.

    There are several rules of thumb that state that you should have anywhere from 4 to 10 times the power (read wattage) that your guitarist has.

    All that beside... if there is an external speaker jack try adding another speaker... you need to move more air.

    Good luck
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