SOLD Trace Elliot GP12 SMX 250w 115 Combo

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    Feb 10, 2005
    Orange Park, FL
    Trace Elliot GP12 SMX 250w 115 Combo

    The early 90’s… The Hubble telescope was launched into orbit; Operation Desert Storm began. Slick Willie took office, and Gore created the Internet. Duran Duran charted again with their single Ordinary World, propelling them back into prominence, and I graduated high school. Zubas were in at the time I think, so also was rolling up your pants, but let’s not go too far back down memory lane. The main point here is that Trace Elliot created this fine example of British gear, the GP12 SMX bass amplifier.

    Driven by their legendary power section that has achieved its own standard of output measurement (common referred to as “Trace Watts” – a standard by which all other amplifiers are judged) this amp combined a blendable solid state and tube input section, a 12 band EQ, their classic preset sounds (#1 is my favorite) and a dual-band onboard compressor (for highs and lows). Emblazoned with a green face that fluoresce under a black light, these amps defined the sound of many bands of that era.

    Now, you too can own one of these classic amps and relive that sound you loved (or live it for the first time if you were born in the ‘90s – how cool is that, you little whipper snapper?) This particular example has been weighed in the balances of time and found itself to be quite worthy. It comes complete with authentic battle damage (no phony relic-ing like what Fender does) from years of service to the everyday bassist. If only it could speak, the stories of bar fights in smoky dive bars it could share (although we can now read them on TB, but I digress… again…)

    Still performing strong, it’s ready to make new memories with you as it’s the perfect gig rig. The speaker has been re-coned and now at 4 ohms you can unleash the full wrath of the GP12’s monster power section. The heat sinks on the back of the amp allow for quiet cooling while you lay down the groove. The efficient 15 in the ported enclosure completes the recipe for that classic Trace sound at roof-rattling volume levels (I can confirm this as I hammered the thing last night at my practice and it laughed at my attempts to cause it any strain – it’s a beast!) and it cringeth not when thou pluggest in thy most noblest of five string basses.

    Some notes about the combo you should know: there is a quiet thump when turning it on, and a slight pop when switching the EQ section on and off. It sounds excellent but at bedroom levels you can hear a little noise. At gig volume levels I don’t notice it. All knobs are quiet; I have caps on order for the gain and master volume knobs; the EQ balance knob is missing but I’ll try to find a solution for that. There are only two feet on the bottom of the cabinet that allows it to sit at a slight angle. It still has the original tube in the preamp.

    It’s not the prettiest or the cleanest but it’s got it where it counts. $399 plus shipping and this little bundle of joy will be your very own.

    All the best,


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  2. Razman


    Feb 10, 2005
    Orange Park, FL
    Sold locally.
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