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trace elliot gp7 sm 300 with quad problems

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by gidget, Apr 28, 2002.

  1. gidget


    Apr 28, 2002
    yeah i bought this trace combo, its a gp7 sm 300 head with a quad, not sure what model, its got 4 10's and a horn, with celestion C10T-80's.
    i bought it second hand, and the problems im noticing is that theres alot of buzz, and on low volumes, theres very slight fuzz (distortion). The speakers dont flex at all, even on high volumes, ive tried checking my voice coils, but its kinda hard to take the amp apart, u practically have to destroy it to get it apart.
    the bottom line is, its not sounding like a $2000 cab should, any suggestions on what the problem might me, or how i can check what the problem is?
  2. Have you changed leads??? Have you changed basses??? Is there a dimmer switch / fluorescent tube in the same room??? Can you try the head witha different cab and vice versa??? One thing I've noticed (and I have the same cabinet -although it's not a combo)) is that the attenuator for the horn (the rotary dial on the back) is worth playing with.

    Check out all of the things above and also try adjusting the attenuation of te horn. I found some hissy, distorty noises -but I elminated it by using the attenuator!
  3. gidget


    Apr 28, 2002
    yeah ive tried the leads and theres no fluro lights or any of that in the room, havent tried a dif bass on it.
    theres no dial for the horn on the back of the cab (ive found that odd since the day i bought it).
    Are your happy with the tonal and punch aspects of the cab, for a quad, i find that its not very puncy, and theres minimal movement from the speakers, same with yours?
  4. Yeah I don't see much movement - but I haven't had it turned up real high yet (it's the Trace 500 watt head I've got!)

    I'm well happy with the punch that it provides - it couples wll with the 1 x 15 cab slotted underneath it. I can see a little more movement in the 1 x 15 cab, but only if I turn it up a bit!

    I guess the attenuator must only be on the cabinet and wasn't included inthe combos - wonder why???
  5. gidget


    Apr 28, 2002
    yeah i was thinking of getting a 15, what do u suggest?
    another thing, do u know anyway of taking the cab apart, mines made too well, the ports r glued in, and on top of the entire cab being screwed together, its glued, then entirely carpeted over:mad:

    one more thing, ive heard that some of the trace heads were blacklighted so that the green display glows, i wanna do this to mine somehow as i guess it was an older model and didnt come with that, do u know how its done, where the blacklight goes and all that?

  6. I had only the 4 x 10 for about 8 years and loved it, but it did make low B on my 5 stringers sound a bit muddy. I added the 1 x 15 to get the extra use of all of the power the head could give out and I found that the tone got so much better - low B was nice and deep but not muddy any more!

    If you've got the cash go for it - but try out a few to see which ones you like (also remember to match the impedances correctly)

    I can't help you with taking the cab apart - I never had to do anything like that with mine!

    As for the blacklight - yeah it's cool. My new one doesn't have it, they have just backlit the control panel - no UV!

    The blacklight sat at the bottom of the front control panel. The control panel fluoresced a lovely colour. I guess all front panel will fluoresce, so I guess it's just a matter of gettign a UV stip the right size and attaching it and a power source - my old amp just had a switch so it got it's power feed off the amp!
  7. gidget


    Apr 28, 2002
    what do u mean a uv strip? do u mean light? im guessing as long as the fluro green is under a black light it should glow, but maybe im wrong.
    explain the uv strip thing is there something i have to do the face of the amp, or r u referring to the light (of which a uv light that small will be incredibly hard to find)

    apologies for all the questions, i should run out of questons soon.
  8. Sorry I mean a UV light - the one in my old amp resembled a small strip light. I honestly have no idea where you'd get one - maybe you do.

    I'm guessing that the colours on the face will fluoresce anyway under a blacklight I don't think you'll have to do anything to the face - it's getting and fitting the light that could be the tricky part!
  9. gidget


    Apr 28, 2002
    yeah the light is what im working on now, i can get one short enough, but whether or not it'll be narrow enough is a whole other story, perhaps ill have to mount in the top of the cab jus under the face of the amp, i dont have a whole lot of room in which to do this
  10. gidget


    Apr 28, 2002
    hopefully i can find something, apart from the black light is there any significant difference between the AH300-7 and the GP-7 SM 300?

    and also, althoough my cabinet APPEARS to be a 1048-H (i cant find the name of the model anywhere on the cab, so im going by the picture on the TE site), there are slight differences between my cabinet and the one pictured on the site.

    1.i can see print on the front of the speaker, although i cant make out what it is

    2.the handles are different (a very minor detail)

    3.also my quad has no control for the horn

    what speakers does your cab have? mine has Celestion C10T-80's, and my horn is Fostex, cant remember what model
  11. I believe that my speakers are the same as yours and I assume the horn will be the same. I believe that the writing on the front of the speakers will have asid Trace Elliot - I'll check mine when I get home from work! I imagine the 7 band head and 7 band combo will be pretty much the same deal!! The only difference will be the chassis they are mounted in - can't think of anything else that would be different!
  12. gidget


    Apr 28, 2002
    k 1 more question

    do u ever plug your ports and if so what do u use? k thats about all from me,

    thanx heaps
  13. I haven't plugged them yet - alhtough I would like to try! I would have expected to be able to buy 'plugs' from Trace Elliot - but I've never seen them anywhere. I guess stuffing the ports with cloths/dusters would be the best bet - you're just trying to stop airflow!
  14. gidget


    Apr 28, 2002
    yeah ive used rags in the past, i was wondering if u can buy plugs, would make sense

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