Trace Elliot manuals?

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  1. I bought a Trace Elliot amp earlier, but it didnt come with a manual. Does anyone know if there's a website or ftp that has manuals in .pdf format, or any format? I googled, but didnt come up with anything.

  2. Mcrelly


    Jun 16, 2003
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    what model?

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  3. Thanks for the link, Kelly.

    Here is what I got. It pretty much just fell in my lap and I scooped it up for $400. What do they usually go for. Seemed like a good deal to me and it sounds rather bad ass.

    Thanks again

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  4. I found the gp12 smx manual, but I still have no clue what model this combo is. Can someone fill me in please?

    Thanks :hyper:
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    I'm pretty sure that is the 1215. I could be wrong but thats what it looks like to me.
  6. thanks