Trace Elliot Preamp question

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  1. russpurdy


    Apr 16, 2013
    Scored a Trace Elliot GP11 preamp in minty shape for 75 bucks. One question though. Why would having "stage output" and gain control be helpful. Seems with gain set low and stage output set high the overall output is still very quiet compared to gain being set high with stage output low. What exactly is the difference between these two controls? Thanks!
  2. While I'm not intimate with gp11, I'm pretty sure it's input gain and output level control you're dealing with. The input control brings up the instrument signal to appropriate level for the preamp circuits to use. Then the output adjusts for the sensitivity of the poweramp.
  3. Lalo Garcia

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    Feb 19, 2011
    ys! Downunder is correct. I collect Trace Elliot preamps....I have 7 GP12, 4 GP12XV, 3 GP12SMX and one MP11 and one Vintage Preamp.
    You don't want to overdrive the gain (input control) too high because you may shut down the preamp for a few seconds. So play the hardest you can with your right habd and adjust the gain to see only green and yellow lights, a few red lights are ok, but if you see red lights for every note, then you are playing too hard, and the knob needs to come down. Once you have that you can control how much volume you send to your power amp with the output knob (on the right of the preamp); then after that you can still increase the volume in your power amp as well...very intelligent design. These guys know what they are doing, I swear by their preams, it's all I use.