Trace Elliot RAH350SMX head - NICE! - $485

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    Oct 9, 2001
    TIme to move the monster! I have a VERY CLEAN RAH350SMX head for sale. The face is clear of scratches, dings or wear. A few scratches on the top. It's in a (brand new) Groove Pak rack bag.

    Functions perfectly. I believe it to be a '95 or '96 model.

    This is the SMX preamp, with the 12-band graphic, solid state / tube mix, and dual compressors.

    This is the LOUDEST 350-watt amp I've heard! I've never used it past 1.5 on the master!

    I am only selling because I have 2 of the Trace AH300SMX heads and I don't need the size and power of the 350 anymore (and I don't need 3 amps!).

    It's a great sounding, reliable amp.

    More photos available.