Trace Elliot T-Bass for sale -- 1996 Special Edition

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  1. $750

    1996 Trace Elliot T-Bass Special Edition.

    - Maple Neck/Maple Board
    - Amber MOP block inlays
    - Dual Status Hyperactive Jazz Pickups (with a third, hum-cancelling pickup under the pickguard)
    - Vol/Vol/Bass/Treble/Tone Control Bypass Switch (Volume knobs have 20 detents - very classy)
    - Badass II and original independent bridge included
    - New Gator Hardshell case
    - Sea Foam Green with a Pearloid pickguard
    - The neck is perfect, and it plays like a dream!

    Great player. Lot of body wear, and an area on the back at the control cavity where a previous owner routed it a little bigger to put a different preamp in, and realized that the status one was so good he put it back in. I will send detailed pics of the bruises. I have another T-Bass that is my main bass, and I am trying to fund my GAS for a Marchlewski.

    There is one that isn't a special edition at Bass Palace for $1169. Due to the bumps and bruises, I'm not looking to get nearly that much even though it is a SE. Here is the link to that one:


    I am new to digital recording, and when I converted it to mp3, it got a little distorted. It didn't sound like that when I recorded it.
  2. More Pics.
  3. This one shows some dings.
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  5. Sorry, I'm a 4 string guy. I bought a 5 once and it ended up being strung E to C. I just can't make the jump.