Trace Elliot V300H/Avatar cab issue

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  1. I picked up an older 8 ohm S112 avatar cab on craigslist awhile back and used it with my V300H for one or two practices with no problems, but at my bands most recent practice there seemed to be in issue with the rig. I was playing the amp at a moderate, reasonable band volume and every 30 seconds or so the signal would completely cut out--like no signal whatsoever. It was like the amp was going into some sort of protection mode or somthing. The amp itself didnt turn off--the power light remained on. The amp wasn't overheating or anything--the back of it was cool to touch and the fan was running perfectly fine.

    I tried a different speaker cable, instrument cable, power cord, etc, and the same problem occured.

    The house we practice at is old, so could it be a voltage problem? I am unsure if the V-types have some sort of protection cut off for low/high voltages or somthing. But, then again we are running two other tube guitar amps that dont experience any problems :meh:.

    Is it possible there could be somthing wrong with the cab? I checked the speaker connections on the terminal and jacks and they seem just fine. Could some bum crossover components be shorting or somthing? :confused:

    I am really hoping the problem is in the cab or the house, because the trace elliot is my pride and joy...I dont have my other cab right now, but when i get it I will see if the problem is still there.

    Anyone have any ideas?
  2. 4Mal

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    Jun 2, 2002
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    sounds like time for a tech to have a look at that head to me. Hope your mileage varies ...
  3. Sound Chaser

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    A lot of tube amps have impedance switches, if you have one is it set to 8 ohms?
  4. MrBonex


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    The V300H is not a tube head. It's a hybrid with a solid state power amp and a tube pre.

    Try another speaker.
    Disconnect the tweeter and run directly to the 12.
    Is your bass active?
    The heat sinks are internal and it may not feel hot on the outside even when hot on the inside. The amp is 280 watts into 4 ohms, you're not getting the most power out of it, so you might be pushing it harder than you think. Although I do lots of gigs with my 300 with a single 8 ohm without probs.

    It sounds intermittent -- which is the worst kind of prob 'cause they can be tough to find. I'd do the amp tech thing. Or call British Audio Service. They might have some thoughts.
  5. Ill try disconnecting the tweeter/crossover unit altogether and see if that changes anything. Like I said, ill try my other cab too when I can. I guess it may just be time to send it off to BAS for a little love.

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