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Trace Elliot

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by tyburn, Jul 12, 2001.

  1. I'm just wondering what any of you guys think of Trace Elliot, all i seem to here, which is very little, is an undecided majority, you nether love them or hate them. Yet a manufacturer like Ampeg, for example is mentioned often, with a decent amount of coverage.

    i own a little Boxer 30 w combo for practicing, i'm trying to decide what to get next, this has been hard as my new band, if i decide to play with them, have been arses, i now know that i'll have to play with a couple of guitarists and a drummer

    their not particularly loud, but not quiet,

    i really like the Trace stuff, it's very well made, not too exspensive and has a load of features, at the moment the only other rig i play through is eith an Eden or an EA, when i'm having lessons, i can get this: for around £500 new,


    300 watt RMS combo, featuring GP7 preamp
    Speaker Configuration 2x10" with HF horn
    Extension Speaker Output Yes
    Dimensions H 610mm (24.0in) / W 610mm (24.0in) / D 335mm (13.2in)
    Weight 39Kg (86 lbs)

    i know what the trace stuffs like, i really need to hear what people think of them, is it a case of that TE is English (owned by Gibson, and therefore not a widely available outside of Europe?

    i've looked at Ashdown and ampeg etc, but only cab and head configs, i really need a combo like this, with the extension out. i think it'll be good for alot of situations, what do u think?
  2. CS


    Dec 11, 1999
    Try it with your bass as loud as you can. They are well made with good features but not everyone likes the sound. They have a generic sound I can often tell when someone is using a TE amp without looking.

    I friend of mine has had a 1x15 combo since 89 with no breakdowns (its a bit noisy now) and it has been giiged 3-4 times a week.
  3. I've noticed that TE's speakers always have tiny voice coils as compared to other brands. Maybe it's just me, but that's caused me to avoid them. I wouldn't think those speakers could handle the power if you realy cranked it up?

    I could be wrong. Probably am.

  4. the combo i'm looking at with run 220 with it;s 2x10's, if you add an 8 ohm cab you'll get the 300 or detatch the internal speaker run a 4ohm, or 2 8's

    so there's quite alot that can be done
  5. oo0o00o0oo


    Apr 30, 2000
    The voice coils are really small, but the cabs also aren't rated for copious power. I like em, check my profile.
  6. i do aswell i just needed to hear a few people's opinions about them, they do their job, and while i'd love a huge exspensive rig, i can neither afford it or trasport it as conveiniently as the combo
  7. JMX

    JMX Vorsprung durch Technik

    Sep 4, 2000
    Cologne, Germany
    The amps have always been great, but their cabs fell behind the competition, when higher rated cabs became fashionable. When you can choose between a 700W cab and a 300 or 400 W TE cab - what would you choose?
    And they were big in the 80s, which automatically made them appear uncool when the retro wave began (Ampeg, Orange for example). And other manufacturers took a lot of the 'modern sound lovers' clientele away - SWR, Eden, etc.
    The business troubles that used to plague TE didn't help either.
    Hopefully things seem to work out for TE now.
  8. Brad Johnson

    Brad Johnson Supporting Member

    Mar 8, 2000
    Gaithersburg, Md
    DR Strings
    I was an early Trace owner, I picked up a year old AH500 with 410 and 115 cabs years ago for 1/2 price. Biampable two channel head...the top of TE's line at the time. Used it for a year, kept it way too long after that.

    TE shot themselves in the foot early on in the US. They wouldn't allow any discounts off retail. My rig at the time sold for in excess of $2500 new, a lot of money in the 80's. There were many choices for less money, even back then.

    Price aside, I really got tired of having to (try to) dial in a sound gig after gig. Mine didn't sound very full with the EQ set flat. The tweaks were very room specific, too...the same tweak that might fatten up the sound in one room would make it muddy in another*.

    It also had a very oversized 115 cab, though it's sound didn't match it's size. The 410 was okay but not up to par with other 410's like the SWR and Eden. Basically it was a big rig that didn't sound big. The blacklight couldn't make up for these deficiencies.

    *I haven't been able to make my AMP BH-420 powered rigs sound muddy, no matter where I play...and it's always set flat.
  9. ahpook


    Jul 13, 2001
    i have a TE GP7SM 150 W head and i really like it. i must admit that it's flat sound is a little uninspiring, but the preshape really livens things yp. the eq's good, but i did take a while to get a tone i really liked. when i did, it was great.

    i don't know about the speakers - i put mine through a peavey 4x10.
  10. I've got an SMC300 300 watt head and a 1048H 4X10 cab with hi freq horn.

    it works great for me- 99% of the time I'm playing fingerstyle, and the high midrange emphasis of Trace cabs helps cut through in a rock context (I use the EQ set flat or with a high mid boost to get a pick-like tone).
    effects sound good too through this setup.

    if I was playing slap a lot I'd go for SWR or Eden amps & cabs (you'd have to scoop a lot of high mids out on a Trace amp to get a classic slap tone- but it worked for Mark King and Doug Wimbish), and if I used a pick I'd go for Ampeg.
  11. JimM


    Jan 13, 2000
    Northern California
    check the archives,we've done this before.but since us old guys like to repeat ourselves here goes...

    I play a 300 watt 2x10 combo at church.it's great,if slightly over powered for the gig.at first,the D.I.was unusable,we sent it back and it mistakenly had a 50 hz.power supply instead of 60 hz.which is what we have.They put in the correct part and it works fine now.I used a similar combo at a different church,but it's tweeter was much more effective than the tweeter in the one I'm using now.

    Trace stuff sounds good,but when you've been around it a lot,like someone said,you can hear it's coloration.someone said they sound slightly "processed".I'm sure no one else where I play notices that but me.
  12. I'm a big fan of TE stuff, I have had the AH250 head for about 9 years now used mostly with a TE 4 x 10 and recently I've added a 1 x 15 cabinet to it too. I may be in the position to upgrade in the near futue and I'll be looking to buy TE gear again.
  13. yawnsie


    Apr 11, 2000
    I recently borrowed someone's TE rig (300w head and a 4x10 cab) for a gig, and I've got to say I quite liked it. Like people have said, the TEs are built like tanks, and speaking to the owner after the gig he said they're good value for money. I didn't have much of a chance to dial in a sound, but the pre-shape gives a fairly nice tone.

    Having said that, it wasn't perfect - the higher strings sounded a little weak, so I had to boost everything a little. And it was a bugger to move around. As well as that, I understand that they're quite hard to come by in the US, and they might not be as good value. But on the whole, in my opinion, TE make some good stuff.
  14. I think TE use Celestion speakers, at least in the higher-end models...

    I was recently considering a new 50W+ combo for practicing, and I came to rest on the Peavey Basic112 or the TE Boxer 65...I discounted the TE almost immediately(No FX loop, speaker out, or bright switches)...but then I realised that the Basic was £60(approx. $90)more...and I don't have pedals, I don't slap, and I'm not gonna use the speaker out anyway cos 65W won't get me very far. Plus, the Basic is only 50W RMS, and the TE is, you guessed it, 65W RMS. Both with 12" cones. I played the Boxer 30 yesterday, and I really liked it. It's tone was comparable to a more classy Peavey, IMO, just not as loud. The 65 weighs less too. I think it's gonna be my next combo, but I have to try and find a Hartke B60 to compare to(I don't really want one, I'm just gonna see for comparisons sake). IMO, TE is at least average. Some love it, others hate it. If you love it, then great, if you don't, there's always Ampeg, Eden or SWR for ya.
  15. speaking to a guy at overwater (below, je said that if i like it then go for it, i'm still not sure, he said not buy it brand new, find one useed, thats cool with me,

    but i'm going to have to get out and campare a few amps first

    Pantera: i have the 30 watt boxer, they don't make them any more, i have to say though for a 30 w amp it has a lot of grunt, the controls are limited, but running an active bass through it allows me to get more out of it, though i do have to turn the gain dow a touch,

    they do use celestion speakers in the smaller amps, at least mine has one, there very good
  16. Well, there were a couple in the Acadamy of Sound in Manchester, a Boxer 15 and a Boxer 30, both retailing new.
  17. yeah, well they will be new, but TE do not make them anymore, they've added a 65w commando 10 to the range

    what price does the acadamy of sound have them @, take account that they retail at £189, they'll probably be cheaper now

    2 years ago i got mine for 129 which i thought was good, don't pay more than that for one, no way
  18. The Boxer 30 is £129.99 new....how much is the Commando 10, if you know? More than £200?
  19. [​IMG]

    you can get it for £199 at the flying pig, london, i got my boxer from there as they have cheap TE stuff

    looking around i see that they do still have the 30 on the website, but it's design has changed, they still use the celestion speakers, just a little different

    my appologies if this is the case, however the flying pig has them for £149.99, thats 30 more than what i paid for it 2 years ago

    if you can afford it i'd say go for the commando 65w

    a little more money, but generally bit further up the evelutionary line

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