1. For Sale
    Trace Elliot 1048H (4x10 w/horn) & 1818 (1x18)
    Both mint condition, never played through
    $800 for both (or best offer, must sell ~cash talks~)
    Buy them both, get buff and become a rock star!

  2. How much just for the 4X10? I'm looking at getting a new rig soon, and all I really require is a 4x10. Got pics of them?

    But, you say they are mint and never used, I might take both, depending on my financial situation. The SWR 4X10 I was looking at is pretty spendy, and I could get both of yours for the same price... sounds pretty good.

    BTW, where in Northern Ca are you located, I'm at Travis AFB. If you are close enough, maybe I could come take a look and see how they sound before I make a decision.
  3. tracebass


    Feb 14, 2003
    OR, Eugene
    How much for the 18. i all ready have a 4 10.