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Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by Marty Forrer, Mar 5, 2002.

  1. I got the official dealers report on TE. It was indeed reduced to 3 or 4 people before Xmas, but the reason is because the whole TE operation is being moved to the US. Dealers are currently unable to order new stock until further notice. Will it go down the gurgler? Who knows, but with Gibson's track record, dont be surprised.
  2. Hope not - because I love Trace Elliot gear!!! I like the sounds, I like the look and was willing to pay the prices they were asking (over here at least!!)

    I have also heard that there is the possibility that a line will be started in the states to satisfy a US market, while the UK will re-start to handle the UK/Europe market - have to wait and see about that one!!!

    But your right - as far as I know all production has stopped until Gibson work out what they're gonna do with this addition to the Gibson empire!
  3. i was talking to a guy in a shop on melbourne that deals trace elliot and he said that the old Traces are more reliable, he said that since gibson have taken them over they have been coming out with cheap transformers etc...
  4. he also said that the trace heads around 200 watts are very unreliable and cook easy(er)
  5. At the studio we rehearse at the owner had to send back a lot of 200 watt Trace combos - this was about 8 years ago though. Mine is 500 watt head and has been OK so far - although I haven't pushed it hard yet!!

    The 250 watt head I had for about 8 years before that was fine as well (although the cooling fan was a bit noisy!!)
  6. yeah but when did gibson take over trace elliot, your head was probably pre-gibson.
  7. The 250 watt head was, the 500 watt head I got last October - don't know exactly when Gibson took over. I got my 2 new TE cabs at the same time!
  8. i really like the sound of the compression on the trace elliots especially for slap! thats when traces sound there best when slapping, i feel that they are to poopy to use a pick with. ahh but that slap sound...
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