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Trace HT fuse problem

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by VtypeV4, May 23, 2004.

  1. Despite me banging on how good my Trace Elliot V4 is, its developed a nasty and damn annoying problem. It keeps popping one of its HT fuses. On the Chassis there are two fuses, one T250mA and the other T1.6A. One presumes one is for the pre-amp valves and the other for the power stage valves. It keeps blowing the smaller one. It is so annoying my blood is boiling as we speak! Any help will be appreciated. Thanks, Matt Cooke
  2. If your tube warmers are coming on but the front pilot light is out, it's the same fuse that blew in mine (high voltage). The tech found a cold solder joint on the fuseholder. Those TE fuseholders are nasty. It's been holding up since. Best of luck, Matt.
  3. Cheers Oddio, Its just damn annoying, its managed to stay alive for a bit now so im letting it get hot to see if it blows during operation. Thanks again.
  4. Hello VtypeV4! When my V8 was popping fuses (before the "fix") it always happened right at the initial power-on surge. If it got past that it was fine. Hopefully you'll be okay now. Fingers crossed.
  5. We hope, ive switched it off now, il try it again in the morning. And yes fingers crossed!
  6. Couldnt resist but try the thing, died yet again! Ive threatend it with replacement by an SVT!
  7. Trace fuse holders suck! For as well as the rest of the amp is built, I have no idea why they used such a crappy fuseholder. I ended up replacing the one in my VR400 after it shorted. It's a cheap fix that any compenetent tech can do pretty quickly and a good fuse holder costs about $5 max. Get it replaced.
  8. Ive spoke to Gavin at GM Audio this morning and its sorted (well seems to be at least) He reckons that most of trace elliots designs were a little underated fuse wise. He told me to put a 500 mA fuse instead of the existing 250 and all seems well. Thanks anyway guys. PS these fuse holders are different, they were changed on this model. Yipee!